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Universal Micro USB Charging Cable - 2M

Universal Micro USB Charging Cable - 2M

Mobile Fun

Product part number: 26-2923

Product reference: 43278

This 2 metre data / charging cable allows you to connect any device such as phones to a PC via Micro USB.

"Great value and Quality!"
"Cant go Wrong"
"Quality Product"

Most useful customer reviews


29 November 2016
Great value and Quality!
Package arrive about 9 days after order which was fast. The cords themselves are sturdy and long. Been using them for 2 - 3 weeks now with my S6 Edge. Loving it so far! Totally recommended!


Sony Z5 Premium
7 November 2016
Cant go Wrong
Exactly as described, gives me the flexibility to charge and use at the same time unlike the original charging leads

Pete Allum

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
6 September 2016
Quality Product
I bought this cable to replace a cheap one which had failed due to poor build quality. The cable is for charging my tablet overnight and also to enable me to use the device when the battery is low as the cable supplied by Samsung is too short. The cable itself has a quality feel and the connectors are sturdy with decent over-moulding. Although this cable was not the cheapest one available I consider it worth the money as it is of good quality.

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Additional information

Designed for connection of Micro USB hardware to USB supported devices

Designed to connect smartphones, tablets and other Micro USB equipped hardware to USB powered equipment so you can sync and charge your device. 

2 metres for maximum convenience

Enjoy all the convenience and freedom you need for charging and syncing your device with this cable that features an impressive 2 metres length. 

Sync Charge USB - Micro USB Cable 2M - Black    Sync Charge USB - Micro USB Cable 2M - Black

Allows simultaneous charging and syncing of your Micro USB Device

This quality cable allows you to connect your Micro USB compatible hardware to your laptop or desktop, in order to charge your phone and exchange / sync data simultaneously.

Compatible with a USB mains charger and a PC

With a standard USB connection, this cable is compatible with a mains charger featuring a USB input, as well as a laptop or PC - so you have complete flexibility for your charging needs.

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