Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Qi Wireless Charging Cover - Noble Navy


Product part number: EP-CN910INEG

Product reference: 48519

This navy, form fitting, official back cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be used with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad to charge your Note 4 wirelessly.

Additional information

Wireless charging back cover 

This official wireless charging back cover has been specially designed for use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. A perfect form-fitting back cover, simply remove the original Note 4 back cover and replace it with the official Note 4 Wireless Charging Cover - enabling wireless charging at any time. The case has a built-in magnetic alignment between the wireless charging pad and back cover, making sure the phone is always correctly placed on the mat for optimum charging.

Electromagnetic field for wireless charging 

In conjunction with the Note 4 Charging Pad, the Samsung Wireless Charging Cover allows your Note 4 to charge wirelessly via electromagnetic field and inductive coupling that send an energy charge from the charging pad to your phone. This makes for a great space-saving way to charge your phone at your desk, office or at home.

Official Samsung accessory

This is an official Samsung product and as so it is made to the highest product quality and safety standards.

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13 July 2015
very happy
Great service. Very helpful. Quick delivery. Will shop again for sure.
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25 May 2015
Qi Note 4 Wireless Charging Cover white
This is the second one I have purchased and it works very well. Better than Kogans that failed after 4 weeks. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of using Qi charging. Yes you need to get the charging pad, but hey I have 3 of those genuine Samsung ones and they work very well too. It makes the phones a little heavier and slightly thicker but not something that worries me at all.
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Visalia, CA

18 December 2014
I have owned LG phones before, and when LG put out these QI backs, they were exactly the same thickness as the original. Samsung for some unknown reason, decided to make this add about .006 to the thickness of the phone. You'd think that would be no big deal, but this added thickness makes it so THERE IS NOT ONE CASE AVAILABLE THAT WILL NOW FIT THIS PHONE WITH THIS BACK. So if you don't mind running your Note 4 with no protection, this back works and fits really well.
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Ralph Buzis

5 November 2014
Qi wireless back door
Great product for the price.
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