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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Wallet Cover - Black

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Wallet Cover - Black


Product part number: EF-WG935PBEGww

Product reference: 57038

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's back, sides and screen from harm while keeping your most vital card close to hand with the official black flip wallet cover from Samsung.

"Very smart & a good Prtection"
"Great product"

Most useful customer reviews

Sandra Hosler

Samsung Galaxy
19 March 2017
I got this as it is a genuine samsung cover, it is great the way it wakes the phone up when you open it and sends it to sleep when you close it, which will save using the button.

John Veness
Tunbridge Wells

1 October 2016
Very smart & a good Prtection
Mobile Fun Operator told mr what was good & by Jove he was right, Very smart & a good Prtection AGAIN thanks Mobile Fun.

Veliko Orasje, Serbia

S7 edge
1 September 2016
Great product
I am very satisfied with delivered item. The case align perfectly, and what is more important, the design of the s7 edge stays the same, superb! I would recommend to everyone to buy this case if you want protection, good looking case, real premium item. Recommend!

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Additional information

Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Flip Wallet Cover - Black

Official Samsung accessory made for the Galaxy S7 Edge

This is an official Samsung product, so it's made to the highest standards with the best quality materials.

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Wallet Cover - Black    Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Wallet Cover - Black

It is designed specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so offers a perfect fit and does not impede the use of any of the functions including the power and volume buttons, headphone and charging ports or front and rear cameras.

Provides comprehensive protection for your phone and the screen

Protect the front of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from scratches, scrapes and front-on impacts with the official flip cover.

This cover protects the back of your device without adding any bulk and then folds over the front when not in use. This means that the most important part of the phone, the screen, is protected from harm at all times.

Smart wake/sleep enabled

The Galaxy S7 Edge will recognise that a Samsung approved cover is fitted and will automatically turn the screen on when you open the cover and turn it off when you close it, saving you time and battery power.

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Wallet Cover - Black    Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Wallet Cover - Black

Slimline and durable construction

Made from high quality synthetic leather materials, this flip cover will keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen looking good as new.

The cover is tough enough to withstand day-to-day punishment without blemishing, so both your phone and cover will remain pristine for longer.

Slot for storing ID or credit card

Inside this Galaxy S7 Edge flip cover is a slot for storing a credit or debit card, or perhaps a license or ID.

Can also be used to store a card that includes contactless features, meaning they will never need to be removed from the flip cover.

Samsung: Galaxy S7 Edge

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