Secret Undercover Tablet Sleeve - Universal

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The Secret Undercover Tablet Sleeve is not only shockproof, splash proof, and tear proof! It’s also the best theft thwarting device ever! Hide you tablet in a protective pouch that disguises it as a scruffy old envelope.

"Very clearly described"
"Funky case"

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John Sykes
Kimberley, Nottingham

30 March 2017
Very clearly described
Nothing. Very clearly described

James Procter

iPad Pro 9.7
19 June 2016
Funky case
This slip case does pretty much what it says, would have liked it to have a bit more padding, but it's fine just don't drop it. It's a bit of fun, keeps your iPad incognito and stops it getting scratched while carrying it around. I personally don't like using the iPad with a case as it has such a nice form factor and I think even the thinnest case would spoil that so this helps keep things nice while in transit.

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Additional information

Hide your tablet in this pouch disguised as an envelope

The Secret Undercover tablet Sleeve is a protective case that allows you to disguise your tablet as tatty envelope, so any prying eyes will be non the wiser.

Secret Undercover Tablet Sleeve - Universal

Slim & stylish soft to the touch tablet pouch

Provide protection for your tablet and enjoy the soft material that feels great in your hand and helps improve grip. 

Need to access a charging port or other button? With this beautifully portable pouch, you can quickly and easily remove your tablet from this protective cover to access all of your device's features.

Secret Undercover Tablet Sleeve - Universal

Protects your tablet from scratches and scrapes

With this handy portable pouch, you ensure your tablet is protected from scratches and scrapes while it is resting in a bag or handbag - where other items sharing this space, such as your house keys, could potentially damage your device.

Secret Undercover Tablet Sleeve - Universal    Secret Undercover Tablet Sleeve - Universal

Soft interior lining that has a cleaning effect

This sleeve also has a soft interior lining, mimicking the effect of a microfibre cleaning cloth - so as you put your device into the pouch, you are also cleaning the screen at the same time as protecting it.

Universal design to fit most medium to large size tablets

This pouch features a universal fitting that can accommodate most medium to large size tablets (maximum size of 27 x 20.5 x 2.5cm).


Maximum tablet size: 27 x 20.5 x 2.5cm

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