ZAGG Folio Backlit iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case - Black


Product part number: ID8ZFK-BBU

Product reference: 59114

This durable ZAGG iPad Pro 9.7 Bluetooth keyboard cover in black lets you type faster, while at the same time protecting your iPad Pro 9.7 without adding much bulk and also features backlit keys.

"Excellent product"
"Zagg folio case is excellent, light and sleek"

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lake Ohau, New Zealand

2 March 2017
Excellent product
Great website, selling useful items that can be difficult to find elsewhere on the net. Great service. I'd use again.


23 July 2016
Zagg folio case is excellent, light and sleek
Zagg folio case is excellent, light and sleek, good protection and easy to pair. Have not tested dropping it as yet!


22 July 2016
Awesome product, great quick service

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Additional information

Protect your iPad Pro 9.7

Featuring a leather textured cover, this keyboard cover protects your iPad Pro 9.7, to avoid damage such as scratches, knocks and drops while on the move.

ZAGG Folio Backlit iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case - Black     ZAGG Folio Backlit iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case - Black 

Built-in stand with 135° of multiple viewing angles

Simply open the back cover and prop up your iPad Pro 9.7 at a comfortable viewing angle from the many available angles available, ideal for both typing and interacting with the touchscreen.

ZAGG Folio Backlit iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case - Black     ZAGG Backlit iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case - Black

Fast and efficient typing

Get more done with this easy to use completely wireless Bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to type more accurately and with greater speed on the beautifully soft yet tactile keys.

ZAGG Backlit iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case - Black    ZAGG Folio Backlit iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case - Black

As the Keyboard Cover features a built-in stand as well, you can place your tablet in a comfortable typing position for the perfect productive solution for your iPad Pro 9.7.

Backlit keys

Typing in dark areas can be difficult, however the ZAGG iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case features backlit keys so you can see every single key on the keyboard to keep your typing speed as high in badly lit areas as it is in a perfectly illuminated room.

Quick iOS shortcut keys

When you're in full work mode, you don't want to constantly switch between touch and typing. Not to worry - this device's Command key can be used to access quick iOS shortcut keys for crucial functions like media playback, copy-and-paste and screen sleep / wake, as well as productivity suite features such as justification and text formatting - so you can do everything from the keyboard.

Special function keys for additional control

The included special function keys allow for greater control of music and volume as well as shortcuts for taking you back to the 'Home' screen and more.

Slim and portable

The ultra-thin design of this keyboard cover makes it incredibly compact and lets you take it anywhere with you due to its snug fit.

Easy pairing

This Bluetooth keyboard case could not pair with your device any easier, saving you time and maintaining a stable connection with your iPad Pro 9.7.

Long lasting battery-life

The built-in rechargable battery features a staggering 3 months of use between chargers.

Specifically designed for the iPad Pro 9.7

Ensure full compatibility with your iPad Pro 9.7, as this keyboard is made specifically for the device - allowing for access to all of the important functions, features and ports.

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