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BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad 2017 / Pro 9.7 / Air 2 Keyboard - Space Grey


Product part number: BRG-BRY1012

Product reference: 59305

This durable highly stylish BrydgeAir iPad aluminium Bluetooth keyboard case in space grey lets you type faster, while at the same time protecting your iPad 2017, Pro 9.7", Air 2 or Air and also features backlit keys and built-in stereo speakers.

"Absolutely Brilliant!"
"Brydge Keyboard for ipad Air2"

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Maureen Nixon

Brydge Air keyboard for IPad Air 2
17 June 2017
Absolutely Brilliant!
“Can I afford it?” I asked myself, over and over again, “Of course you can’t!” I whispered but I got it just the same! So what if it’s the most expensive one, you pay for what you get, (I can always eat jam for a couple of weeks, I simply refuse to fret!) It’s not just ANY old keyboard, simply the best out there, To find such a marvellous gem as this, has to be quite rare. No more struggling to screen type, touch typing I now do, Believe my words, buy one soon, and you will love it too! My Ipad’s turned into a laptop, the envy of all around, And to complete the whole caboodle, a protective case I’ve found. Now I’m all set, I just love it so much, I cannot praise things more, So I’ll type away to my heart’s content, and just say nothing more!


Apple ipad air 2
10 June 2017
Brydge Keyboard for ipad Air2
I had looked up info about the Brydge Keyboard previously...I am absolutely thrilled with it and would thoroughly recommend it. I is a little more expensive than others but the quality is great. Delivery was fast and well packed.The keyboard was very simpe to set up with no problems at all regarding the Blue tooth connection..and I could use it straight away...The battery was almost fully charged on receipt which was also a bonus.... I would deinitely use Mobilefun.co.uk for future purcases...as i have always had first rate service.... Well done and ...Thank you x

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Additional information

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Beautiful protective aluminium design for your iPad 2017 / Pro 9.7" / Air 2 / Air

This high quality aluminium keyboard cover not only adds additional beauty to your iPad with its premium matte finish, but also protects to avoid damage such as scratches, knocks and drops while on the move.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Built-in stand

Simply open the back cover and prop up your iPad at a comfortable viewing angle with the 180 degree hinge from the many available angles available, ideal for both typing and interacting with the touchscreen.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Fast and efficient typing

Achieve more with this easy to use and completely wireless QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to type more accurately and with greater speed on the beautifully soft, yet tactile keys.

As the Keyboard cover features a built-in stand, you can place your tablet in a comfortable typing position for the perfect productive solution for your iPad.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Backlit keys

Typing in dark areas can be difficult, however the BrydgeAir iPad Keyboard Case features backlit keys so you can see every single key on the keyboard to keep your typing speed as high in badly lit areas as it is in a perfectly illuminated room.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Special function keys for additional control

The included special function keys allow for greater control of music and volume as well as shortcuts for taking you back to the 'Home' screen and more.

With iOS 9 and later, you can also use the 'cmd' (Command) key to trigger shortcuts for bold, italic, underline and even switch between open apps.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Built-in stereo speakers

The built-in stereo speakers provide a richer sound experience for your iPad - allowing your videos, music, podcasts and audio books to really shine.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Portable protection

The design of this keyboard cover makes it a compact solution and lets you take it anywhere to protect your iPad and for all your typing needs.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Space Grey

Easy pairing

This Bluetooth keyboard case could not pair with your device any easier, saving you time and maintaining a stable connection with your iPad.

Long lasting battery-life

The built-in rechargeable battery features a staggering 3 months of use between chargers, so you are always ready to type that important document, adjust a spreadsheet or jazz up your presentation.

Specifically designed for the iPad 2017 / Pro 9.7" / Air 2 / Air

Ensure full compatibility with your iPad 2017 / Pro 9.7" / Air 2 / Air, as this keyboard case is made specifically for these devices  - allowing for access to all of the important functions, features and ports.

BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Silver    BrydgeAir Aluminium iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 / Air Keyboard - Silver




  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 520g / 1.15lb
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Backlit Keys; Yes
  • Battery Life: 3 months (rechargeable)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0

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