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The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack

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The Ultimate Pack for the HTC 10 consists of fantastic must have accessories designed specifically for the HTC 10.

"Great present"
"Everything you need for your HTC 10"
"good range"

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Christine Argyle

ultimate HTC 10 accessory pack
16 May 2017
Great present
I bought this product for my daughter and she is thrilled with it. She is able to protect her phone, use it easily in the car and more things than I know about. Really, really good.

Borko Djuric

Htc 10
28 December 2016
Everything you need for your HTC 10
Fast delivery for Serbia. This ultimate pack has everything you need for your HTC 10. Best price on the market. You should add option for users to make their own pack. All stars.


9 July 2017
good range
Impressed with the amount of items in pack but thought the screen cover was weird...it was pink.

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Additional information


Own an HTC 10? Then why not lavish your phone with a number of lightweight, portable and extremely useful accessories - all in one fantastic pack.  

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack features six super useful items which will improve its protection, charge the device within a vehicle and provides a selection of phone mounts.

The 'Ultimate' pack includes:

  • Ultra Thin Case
  • Olixar Screen Protectors
  • Car Charger 
  • USB to USB Type-C (USB-C) cable 
  • Car Holder 
  • Desk Holder
  • All-in-One Stylus, Stand and Microfibre Cleaner

Each accessory in the pack is designed to work with each other - so for example if you wish to use your phone within the desk stand or the car holder, you don't need to remove the included case.

Ultra Thin Case

The included case provides stylish protection for your HTC 10. With its semi-transparent attributes, it wraps around your phone without adding any additional weight or bulk to your handset, but still allowing you complete access to all of the ports and features. With cut-outs to use the camera and the charging ports you can have complete access to the HTC 10 without the need to remove it.

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack

Olixar Screen Protectors

Prevent scratches appearing on your smartphone display with the included screen protectors.

Crystal clear viewing of the display while not interfering with any of the touchscreen functionality. The screen protector 2-in-1 pack doesn't interfere with your HTC 10's touchscreen functionality and combined with the included case, it offers 100% protection for your smartphone.

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack

Car Holder

This stylish Car Holder allows for quick and easy mounting and removal of your phone. The rubberised grips hold your phone securely without damaging it and the clip and grip system quickly pulls open and shuts when you retrieve your phone.

The Car Holder's ball and socket joint rotates through a complete 360°, allowing you to quickly and easily find a comfortable angle when driving. 

Suitable for the HTC 10 with or without a case on as the holder stretches right up to 11.5cm.

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack 

Car Charger

There is nothing worse than realising your smartphone battery is completely empty of charge, usually at the precise moment when you need it the most!

With the included car charger with dual universal USB ports, you can provide power to your phone while you travel. Ideal for charging your phone while you are using it as a sat nav system, which traditionally uses more power to continually calculate your location and with its powerful 2.1A and additional 1A output - charging will be speedy.

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack

USB to USB Type-C (USB-C) cable

Connect your USB-C smartphone to your computer, the included car charger or a USB mains adapter with the USB to USB Type-C cable.

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack

Desk Holder

The desktop holder is perfect for viewing your phone at home or in the office. Its stylish and sleek design means that it won't look our of place on your desk.

Features a special adhesive that doesn't leave any residue that holds your HTC 10 securely with its impressive grip, without fear of the holder falling over and damaging your HTC 10. It can be used in either portrait or landscape modes making the holder perfect for writing texts / emails, browsing the internet, playing games, viewing videos and even for making video calls.

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack

Better yet, you can also attach the desktop holder to other flat surfaces including shelves, cabinets and even tiles due to its strong and effortless grip.

All-in-One Stylus, Stand and Microfibre Cleaner

Enjoy the convenience of this portable desk stand that you can carry in your pocket or bag to view videos, photos and other content at a comfortable viewing angle.

The built-in stylus will ensure there are no fingerprints covering your phone's display and the micro-fibre cleaning pad will remove any if you forget to use your stylus.   

The Ultimate HTC 10 Accessory Pack 

Tested to be compliant with USB-A to USB-C standards

USB-C Compliant Cables

The cable in this pack has been tested to be compliant with the USB-A to USB-C standard. Non-compliant cables can attempt to draw as much as 3 amps (3A), which could potentially damage connected equipment when they are not compatible with this high power output. 

Don't take the risk, as the included USB-C Charging Cable has been tested to ensure it's compliant with USB-A to USB-C standards, featuring the required 56kΩ resistor necessary to protect your devices.

Find out more on our blog post: Looking for USB-C compliant cables? Here’s how we test ours.

Please note: The component parts of this pack may differ slightly to the images used to illustrate the pack on this page, however, replacements will be of equal or greater quality if an adjustment is made.

HTC: 10

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