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Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones

Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones


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The Olixar Sticky Dashboard Mat provides your smartphone with a secure resting place on your car's dashboard which doesn't leave behind any sticky residue. The Dashboard Mat can also be used to hold keys, lighters, change and many other items.

"Reasonable Quality"
"Great product"
"Useful doohickey"

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19 October 2017
Reasonable Quality
Easy order process. Even though it took some time to receive item because it was on back order the team at MobileZap e-mailed to say so with an ETA. Case is of expected quality, flap is on the opposite side from phone which means that it doesn't not get in the way of phone use like previous cases i have had.


28 August 2017
Great product
Excellent product, phone, keys etc are so stable when on the silicone mat. Phone does not dislodge when going over bumps. No more rattles and vibration noises while travelling. Highly recommend


22 August 2017
Useful doohickey
I think doohickey is more apt than gadget (as you'd associate a gadget with something that has moving parts). I don't need to mount the phone on the dash all the time, as the hands free unit works with the phone in my pocket. If I want to use google maps this doohickey is just the thing. I keep it in the glove compartment until needed. It doesn't move, and will sit anywhere on the dash you put it.

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Additional information

Securely holds your smartphone and other items on your car dashboard

The Sticky Dashboard Mat is constructed from a innovative silicone material which is designed to securely hold your items onto your car dashboard and prevents them from being able to slip off. This allows the Sticky Dashboard Mat to securely hold your smartphone, loose change, glasses and much more on your dashboard without having to worry about them falling off and becoming lost or damaged.

Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones - Large

Integrated cut-out to hold your phone at a view-able angle

The Sticky Dashboard Mat also features two integrated cut-outs on either side. This allows you to hold your smartphone in a horizontal orientation securely on your dashboard. By doing this, you can still use your device for Sat Nav applications and drive safely without your device obscuring your view of the road.

 Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones - Large     Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones - Large

Adhesive-free design ensures no sticky residue is left behind

The special silicone material which the mat is made from is designed so that it creates a secure bond with your car dashboard which prevents it from being able to slip, or come loose, whilst you're driving around. The mat maintains a secure hold to your dashboard even around tight corners and speed bumps to ensure that it won't drop your smartphone or other accessories and risk them becoming damaged.

Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones - Large

Flexible mat which bends to the contours of your dashboard

The silicone material is also extremely flexible which allows it to bend around the contours of your dashboard and provides a firm and secure grip even when you're placing larger handsets onto the mat - such as the iPhone 6 Plus. The flexible properties make it perfect for securing your device at even the most acutest angles and ensures that it won't come loose.

Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones - Large    Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones - Large

Can be washed to restore the sticky properties

Dust and dirt can build up on the Sticky Dashboard Mat over time which will cause it to lose some of its adhesive properties. In order to restore the mat to its previous glory simply wash the pad and allow it to dry. Once it's dried out, the sticky properties will be restored to that of the day you bought it.


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions - 185 x 105 x 18 mm

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