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Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 7 Case - Black

Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 7 Case - Black


Product part number: GB42783

Product reference: 60946

Introducing the Survivor Summit case from Griffin. Providing all-round coverage, this rugged case is perfect for protecting your iPhone 7 in almost any condition.

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Griffin Survivor Summit IPhone 7 Case
10 October 2016
Top quality product
Top quality product as you would expect from Griffin.

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Additional information

Multi-layer design for complete protection

Through the combination of four layers, the Survivor Summit case provides complete protection for your iPhone 7. While the outer layer and shatterproof shell protect against scuffs, bumps and dents, the snap-on screen protector seals the iPhone 7's display from the outside environment and exceeds in protecting against scratches, superficial damage and of course, the elements. This also completely works with touch ID.

Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 7 Case - Black    Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 7 Case - Black

Made to U.S military standards - takes drops from 10ft (3 metres)

The Griffin Survivor Summit is one of the most protective cases built for the Apple iPhone 7. Tested and certified to meet or exceed US Department of Defence Standard MIL-STD-810G, Griffin's Survivor Summit Case is designed from the inside out to protect your iPhone 7 from extreme conditions... Dirt, sand, shock, vibration and a host of other environmental factors. Designed based on the all conquering Survivor case and improved with a number of revisions, you're looking at arguably one of the best protective cases on the market.

In addition to meeting U.S military standards, the Survivor Summit case is also IP55 rated, meaning it has been designed to be splash-proof and sealed to protect against the likes of water, sand and dirt.

Impact Dispersion System

Survivor Summit is engineered for rugged protection no matter where you go. The Impact Dispersion System cushions your phone inside the case, deflecting the shock and damage from drops and impacts away from your device. The Survivor Summit has been tested to protect a iPhone 7 from a drop on a flat concrete surface from a 3m height. Additionally, sealed ports prevent dust and sand damage typically caused to the dock connector, headphone port, hold switch and volume controls.

Integrated rotating belt clip

Featuring an integrated belt clip for added functionality, the Survivor Summit will easily clip onto your belt or bag strap. The clip can also rotate, making it perfect for positioning your iPhone 7 on your desk to watch videos, browse through images and make calls on FaceTime. 

Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 7 Case - Black    Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone 7 Case - Black

Provides access to all of your phone's ports and features

While in the Summit case, you still have access to all of your phone's features including the touch screen (with or without screen guard), so you'll have the same functionality as you would with an uncased iPhone.

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