Easyskinz iPad Pro 9.7 inch Premium Brushed Steel Skin - Black

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Enhance your iPad Pro 9.7 inch's smooth, sleek appearance with this premium brushed steel-style skin from Easyskinz. Crafted from the world's finest materials and featuring precision tangential cutting for a perfect fit.

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Transform the look of your iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Has your iPad Pro 9.7 inch acquired a few too many knocks and scrapes from everyday use? Want to transform the aesthetic of your tablet, but don't want the contours or shape to change too much? Time to upgrade your device with Easyskinz. 

The metallic style of this skin adds an authentic textured look to your tablet, enhancing the original design and giving you a new appreciation for your iPad Pro 9.7 inch.

Brushed steel effect texture

Made from high quality vinyl, Easyskinz skins are manufactured to replicate genuine material textures. This brushed steel-style skin for the iPad Pro 9.7 inch has been specially coloured through a pigmentation process to perfectly resemble a brushed steel appearance.

Made in the UK from only the finest materials

Easyskinz manufactures all of their products locally in the UK, and ensures that each skin is of the highest possible quality. This means that no matter what device you have or how you want your iPad to look, you can be sure of a premium product.

Easy bubble-free application and removal

The adhesive Easyskinz uses to attach this skin to your tablet doesn't leave any unsightly marks or damaging blemishes, meaning this skin can be removed with little fuss. Additionally, the adhesive maintains stickiness after removal, so you can re-apply this skin whenever you wish once removed.

Easyskinz' Ultimate Air Release technology ensures no annoying bubbles will be left on application, too, leaving this skin smooth and sleek on your device.

Superior protection from scratches and everyday knocks

If you've got a device as beautiful as the iPad Pro 9.7 inch, protecting the body of the tablet stands to reason. This skin features superior scratch protection and shielding from everyday knocks and scrapes, so a little scuff won't ruin the look of your iPad (or the skin!).

Tangential Cutting technology for a perfect fit

Easyskinz uses a tangential cutting procedure to ensure absolute pin-point precision, so there won't be any loose fitting or incorrect cutout placement on your new cover. Your iPad will feel and work exactly as before you applied the skin, but with the added bonus of an enhanced appearance.

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