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Griffin Survivor Rugged iPad Pro 9.7 Folio Case - Black

Griffin Survivor Rugged iPad Pro 9.7 Folio Case - Black


Product reference: 64148

This rugged folio case from Griffin delivers versatile, heavy-duty protection for your iPad Pro 9.7. With a detachable cover and superior impact-resistant shell, this case is the first and last word in defence for your iPad Pro 9.7.

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Heavy-duty protection for your iPad Pro 9.7

If you're looking for a case that offers superior protection without sacrificing your iPad Pro 9.7's signature form, look no further than the Survivor rugged folio case from Griffin. Adding surprisingly little bulk in exchange for superlative shielding against drops and damage, this case is the go-to option for defending your iPad from whatever life throws your way.

Premium custom-moulded form-fitting TPU shell

Your iPad will fit into this case like a glove thanks to Griffin's custom-engineered TPU shell. Crafted using only the highest quality materials, this shell safely and firmly encases your iPad without putting undue pressure on the frame.

Impact Dispersion System adds superior shock resistance

With Griffin's proprietary Impact Dispersion System, the risk of your device being damaged in the event of an accidental drop is minimal. Reinforced corners evenly disperse any shock throughout the case, ensuring that the impact is lessened and keeping your iPad safe and sound.

Folding stand function for easy viewing of media

The front cover of this case folds back to double as a media stand, allowing you to easy view media, check current events or video call friends and family. This function is ideal for those with high-pressure jobs, as you'll no longer need to use a hand to hold or steady your device.

Removable folio cover

Keep your display safe from scratches and scrapes with the Griffin Survivor's removable tactical folio cover. This ingenious mechanism allows you to travel light by removing the cover, while still enjoying the superlative protection this case brings.

Built-in magnets allow mounting to metallic surfaces

Offering excellent stability and shock resistance, this case also has built-in high-strength magnets which allow mounting to metallic surfaces.

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