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Capdase Karapace Touch Case for Google Nexus 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Specifically made for the Nexus 5, this black protective Capdase Karapace Jacket will shield your phone from everyday knocks and drops.
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Specifically made for the Nexus 5, this black protective Capdase Karapace Jacket will shield your phone from everyday knocks and drops.
 4.7 stars from 8 customers

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Great service!
Ordered a case and screen protector for my new phone and in just a few days it had arrived! The product was as shown and I am happy. Will definitely use MobileFun again. Good job guys!! Thank you.
Precisely fit for device. Pleasant to the touch.
A thing of beauty
Hi. I bought this case in a late night buying frenzy, I had to be prepared for the arrival of my new Nexus 7. The next day, I thought I had made a mistake ordering the Capdase Karapace, it did not look protective enough. I was right, it's not really. The case does not protect the leading edges at the top, and bottom, of the phone. So, in the event of an unlucky drop, the glass and leading edges top and bottom would be vulnerable to damage. However, this is such a beautiful case in every other way. The build quality, shape and design, are superb, it really complements the minimalistic look of the Nexus 7. Also, the pale green is a subtle cyan, it changes colour in different light, sometimes it's blue, sometimes green. It is gorgeous. It also has the most unusual feel of any plastic I've ever handled. Like a dry, hard, peach, in your hand. I would think this could actually be seen as a safety feature, you are constantly aware of this in your hand, so maybe less likely to fumble it. Given these limitations I would highly recommend this case. It gives adequate protection to all four corners of your phone, and is elegant and beautiful to handle. I can't stop touching it :-)
A thing of beauty, but...
I bought this on a late night whim, along with an expensive leather flip case, for my brand new Nexus 5. I've got the Pale Green colour and it is a wonderfully subtle shade, sort of semi cyan. Also the material, and general finish is first class. It is aptly named "Touch". I've never felt such a nice finish on a plastic, it's like a peach. So the colour, and great matt finish, look realy cool, and I've got it on the phone right now. However, it doesn't really offer a great deal of protection. All four corners are encased, but the entire top and bottom front/side of the phone are unprotected. In the event of a drop the phone could easily hit on the front or bottom front edges. Also, just keeping it in the pocket with keys etc could cause scratches in these areas. It came with a regular stick on screen protector, which I haven't tried yet. I really can't stop looking at it and picking it up. The leather case I also bought looks great, and offers all round protection, but the Capdase is gorgeous, this will end in tears :-)
Fits like a particularly agreeable glove
This case is decidedly pleasant. It has a great feel to it, is non-slippy, and gives the satisfaction of knowing that were you to momentarily become a hapless blunderer, all would probably be well. The addition of a screen protector is welcome too. All in all it is a great value case and visually just gets out of the bloody way.

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