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CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml Reviews

CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaner and Protector uses liquid nanotechnology to protect your smartphone and tablet. It provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, fingerprints, smudges, abrasion and bacteria.
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CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaner and Protector uses liquid nanotechnology to protect your smartphone and tablet. It provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, fingerprints, smudges, abrasion and bacteria.
 4.5 stars from 254 customers

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Great screen cleaner
I was pleasantly surprised at how good the cleaner is. No smudges and I like the fact it's anti bacterial. I use it on my phone, iPad and laptop.
Great stuff
I've tried a few screen cleaners before but I have to say that this has been the best. I've used it on my phone screen and on the displays in my car and not a smudge in sight. It's also been the only cleaner that's given my laptop a smear-free screen.
Olixar cleaner
A great way to keep my iPhone and iPad looking sparkling
Extremely effective
As son as I am running out of this I order another. It cleans extremely well and gives me some peace of mind during this pandemic.
Great product
Great product. Instantly works. As soon as you spray it on and wipe and instructed you can feel the difference after. Very smooth and clean surface with the protection
A tiny bottle with a tiny mix inside
Instructions to place 3 Drops of Tiny liquid onto surface, use enclosed microcloth to spread across the displays surface for a specified time. Then set aside and wait for a specified time.

Now I’m not really suited to this task, with my large hands. But I can makeup for that by reading the instructions well. And even better, following to a tee!
And do you know what? It Worked like a dream!! Shiny Clear As!
Now I just need to treat all devices the same.
This is Seriously Superb Stuff. Good find folks. 3 Drops & Spread.
Must have product.
Absolutely brilliant, great results each time used. A little goes a really long way!
Does the job
Best cleaner I've found. Does the job. Time will tell how long it lasts.
I wished the bottle for the CleanSeal Liquid Screen was a lot bigger for the price I paid for. Other than that, it works.
Screen cleaner
I had this cleaner before which is why I bought 2 this time. Its a fairly soft spray, doesn't go all over the place & wipes off easily with the supplied micro cloth. Does seem to last for a while also, depends how greasy your fingers are.
Easy !
Was a bit sceptical about this.... But so much easier than trying to fix a sticky plastic guard onto a new phone. Easy to use and works really well.
This product REALLY works. It cleans all kinds of screens perfectly -- no smears or smudges. I have sweaty hands so my screens become smeared quickly. This product definitely fixes that, as well as keeping the screen clean for longer.
Very good
Perfect for the job
Good product, easy to apply & does exactly what its intended for.
Seems OK
Cleans well, not sure if it keeps the screen cleaner or has lasting anti mac qualities but thought I'd give it a try.
Works with no effort required
Fantastic customer service
I bought this product when I purchased a phone case . . . Its not a great product, I mean it does the job but it does not spray out of the container, more fizzles over your finger so i emailed my complaint and the same day I had a response stating that another one was in the post on its way to me. Unfortunately the same problem with the new one, oh well ???? I just fizz it onto the cloth and wipe rather than get annoyed trying to spray onto my phone.
Cleaned my tv screen with it and its never been clearer
Works brilliantly
This was a suggested add-on when I bought cases for our new phones. Apply it once a week and it keeps the screen brilliantly clear and smear-free. An excellent purchase.
Not used it yet but it looks good.
Unable to comment as not yet used it.
Handy size
Good spray and easy to use
It’s nice to know your device's are clean and protected
Very good product
If it's a good product
Useful product
Ideally kept my screen looking nice
Does what it says
Seems to do what it says, quick delivery, would use again
Screen seal
Seems to be very good. Time will tell
Great screen cleaner
Great streak free mobile phone cleaner. A couple of drops covers the whole phone so this bottle will last months. Very good value.
good product
Didnt realise it was such a small bottle. Otherwise fine
Exactly what it says.
Very satisfied. It does what it says
Excellent product
This product was excellent and well worth the purchase
Does what is says on the tin
Handy sized container.
Excellent product as always when buying from mobilefun.
As always, fast, reliable service and a product that doesn’t disappoint!
brilliant item
excellent product
Good Stuff
Does the job well, no streaks and bacterial protection, what's not to love! 5*
Feel safe
Great product easy to use easy to clean
Good product.
Applied well, screen looks clearer. But time willtell
It is what it is!
Boring but exactly what it says,
Good product
Quicmk delivery products as described
Very good service alround
No comment
great product
works great on my Ipad pro and my Galaxy s20
Okay as far as it goes
This replaced the ineffective Zizo nano liquid, which failed to solve the fingerprint issue or prevent my screen cracking. MF replaced for free ????
However surprised to discover from the olixar website that this is only effective for a few days. A fact not mentioned on the product packaging, so only 3 stars.
What is it?
Impossible to prove this product works! But if in doubt have to say Mobile zap is dependable.
A product that works well
Having tried various cleaning products for screens this is the first one I've come across that keeps it's promise and cleans like no other. I love it!
works as described easy to aply
It works as promised
Whether it does what I want
Description Is Wrong
The product is described as 'CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection - 50ml', however, the bottle supplied is labelled 7.5ml.

It works well, but I am unhappy about the misrepresentation of the volume which I accept may not have been deliberate.
I think it is a damm good product
I have been looking for a product to keep my screen clean on my phone, which it does very well.
Ironically it has another use. I wear spectacles. The lenses are very difficult to keep clean, but now I have something which works a lot better than the cleaner I have been using for years on my glasses lenses.
good product
hi great product. fast delivery and is as described
Very nice
All about the item
Good Product
I bought this product because I always had the problem of fingerprints and smudges on the screen of my mobile phone and after cleaning it was as bad again in minutes. Having received the Cleanseal liquid and applied it to my phones screen as instructed the results are Amazing, with hardly any smudging or fingerprints on my phones screen now. It really does what it says. Excellent and Highly Recommended
Not bad, but I have another product which is better.
It already said want I wanted to know
The description was perfect & it does what it says!
No opinion
Nothing 1Text you copy will automatically show here
It cleans well.
Difficult to know how much it protects.
Works well!
The product comes in a sturdy dispenser spray that is easy to use and a micro fibre cloth to spread the fluid. Very quickly done and packed away. Seems to do the job just as advertised.
It Works
Applied this to my mac air screen as all the protectors i have tried are rubbish. This does appear to work, how long it will last i dont know but into weeks already and so far so good.
Live saver
The product I got was fully designed for the purpose and phone . Spec was helpful and fully shown.
fab! and what is needed for all smart phones
We all definitely need this!!.. clean those dirty finger marks and whatever comes from within your pockets or in my case my bag
Pretty good
Very easy to apply and the screen is super clean & clear. Fingerprints easy to wipe off after apply
I can't see any difference to using spectacle cleaner or just a microfiber cloth.
I have a glass protector fitted so not actually used on phone screen but with hindsight cannot see the point. Really quite disappointing.
good product
Purchased 6 of this and work pretty well.
Jury still out on this product
Have used the cleaner/protector fluid on two devices, phone & iPad. Previously had used the protective film, on the plus side the screens are much clearer, no air bubbles etc. However finger prints and swipe marks are still clearly visible and have to clean the screens very regularly. So not sure how effective the guard is as yet
Valuable asset within my store cupboard
Since purchasing my (pre-owned) iMac we found there were streak marks across the screen that could not be removed by any of my propriety cleaners (iClean, glass cleaners, etc.). This problem could not be remedied by the Apple technicians when the machine was in their care for a hard drive upgrade.
This product was bought by chance and resolved the problem in it's first use.
It has now been used on every one of our 7 Apple appliances and has proved to be a perfect product. Would highly recommend and will certainly keep a bottle to hand in future.
Not brilliant
The product when first applied works well but after a short while smudges appear as normal which is a shame as I thought it would prevent smudges for much longer.
It does what it is supposed to do, but only just. There are other products out there, cheaper and just as good or even better.
This screen cleaner is very good and keeps the screen clear from finger prints for longer than anything I have used before
Best thing for my mobile
How good it really is and that after letting my family use it could have been a bigger ammount
Excellent product
Applied for first time to mobile (in place of old plastic screen protector) and laptop a week ago and neither screen has ever looked so clear and clean. Any marks or fingerprints just wipe off effortlessly. This product seems to be as good as it is claimed to be.
Brilliant product no air bubbles to deal with.
Used before no problems.
So far so good!
My laptop had become pretty bad with fingerprints and spots of dust etc, even though I give it a wipe over now and again, nothing really removes the dust/dirt... until now! This screenseal cleaned my screen and left a layer of protection too! I would highly recommend!
Good stuff
Brilliant cleaner does what is says and excellent service from, thank you.
Great product
Does what it is meant to do very well.
Great product for reducing fingerprints and restoring touch sensitivity
I used this on a glass screen protector for my phone, which over a couple of weeks had lost some of its touch sensitivity and was becoming very smeared with fingerprints, which were becoming difficult to wipe off.
One application of this was all it took to clean off the fingerprints totally, restore the touch sensitivity (which has remained) and the effect of fingerprints is now much reduced, and can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth/handkerchief/tissue/sleve etc.
Bottom line, great product that can be used again and again on almost anything shiny.
Just the job
Leaves the screen silky to the touch and reduces smudges. Easy to apply and also as it comes in a bottle can be applied many times to all touch screens.
It works
This product makes several claims I can only comment on the fact it iss easy to use and the screen on both my hand held devices has stayed cleaner than it did and it also worked on my glasses
Good Product
I have used this on my iPhone, iPad & even my glasses. It works really well & a little goes a long way. It cleans the screens well & lasts a while. The bottle is smaller than I expected but that is my fault for not checking. I recommend this product & will use again.
Great stuff!
This spray really works well - cleans tge screen down in an instant and gets it really responding wel
Superb product
Easy to use and works well.
Nice Clean Screen
Does clean the screen well, as advertised. Doesn't stop finger prints building up but does seem to spread them so that they are not as obviously visible when screen is lit up.
Will see how long it lasts between cleans and then maybe try others to compare.
Overall it does a reasonable job.
It does work!
I had my doubts whether this product works..........But it does! No going back to solid tempered glass protection. This is so quick and easy!
Love It!!!
It is perfect and works well.
Good product
Product worked well. Applied to 2 phones and a tablet. Noticeable improvement on all devices.
Excellent Product
This CleanSeal liquid really works. I hate it when my screens get marks, or fingerprints on them and I can honestly say that they stay clean and smooth for ages with this liquid sealant. In my opinion, other cleaners don't have the sealant quality and I haven't found anything to compare.
excellent screen polish with added benefits
CleanSeal is an ideal compliment to any phone/tablet. I bought this as my big Ipad Pro was just showing every finger print and smudge. This is a great polish that not only seems to clean the screens quickly but also helps repel finger prints, meaning I can watch a film on a shinny screen without annoyance. On other devices I have fallen back on fitting Matt/Anti-glare screen protectors but this can lead to weird whites and other issues with fuzzy resolution. With CleanSeal I seem able to keep the clear display without the finger prints, Etc.
Liquid screen protector
Only just received this but so far so good seems there are less marks on the screen at the end of the day
A cleaner more than a hard coating
Service excellent.
A cleaner more than a hard coating. My lens cleaner wipes do a similar job.
So easy to use!
I didn't realise the size of the bottle until it arrived. It will do many times as only a few drops are needed. I purchased it in a sale so well happy. Thankbyou
Super clean screen cleaner
A very easy to use product, just put a few drops on the screen and polish off with the supplied cloth.
Screen feels really smooth and sealed and this helps to deter greasy fingerprints from forming. Seems a bit expensive but you only need a small amount each time so should last a long time.
First class
Had the same result after a cataract operation, suddenly my laptop, iPad and mob are beautifully clear.
Like Torvill and Dean
Having used stick on screen protectors in the past and never managing to avoid specks of dirt causing bumps, I thought I'd try Clean Seal Liquid, it cleans off the residue left by stick ons and leaves a really clean screen and your fingers glide across it like Torvill and Dean on ice.
It's an excellent screen cleaner and sealer
This is the second time that I have purchased this product from Mobilefun. Highly recommended for a crystal clear screen.
Good stuff
The cleaner seems very good,been using it on our two phones. It keeps the screen clean and a little bit goes a long way.
Have used twice and already impressed how it keeps my screen clean
Im very pleased with my clean seal liquid it's does a better job at cleaning my devices and great at cleaning my glasses
Im very pleased with my clean seal liquid it's does a better job at cleaning my devices and great at cleaning my glasses so happy with product and diffo recommend to my family and friends as some can't believe how good it cleans their glasses I think it's better then glass wipes and very good valve for money I bought 2 bottles but may need to buy more as everyone is using mine to clean there devices and specially glasses you wouldn't be disappointed.
Have used it twice now. Amazing how it quickly cleans and how it stays clean longer.
Excellent product
Excellent product
Does what it says.
This product does what it says. It makes touchscreens really clean-squeaky clean.
You cancel feeling your fingers squeak on the screen after you have used it.I would recommend it to anyone.
What a fantastic item, it does exactly what is says on the bottle. I would definitely recommend this product plus Great service and super fast delivery.
Keeping the wife happy................Result!!
Would recommend this to anyone
Bought this product on a whim as fed up with the stick on screen protectors.
Followed the instructions and wow its amazing ! Crystal clear screen and as I write this review five days after application still as clear as day 1.
Good value buy one get one free as well. Would recommend this to anyone
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