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Flame Effect Indoor / Outdoor Rechargeable Waterproof Rugged Lantern Reviews

This rugged all-terrain lantern accurately simulates the comforting effect of a roaring, crackling fire - perfect for festivals, parties, camping and more. Fully rechargeable, this lantern contains 96 LEDs for a warming, realistic flame effect.
Price: $41.49
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This rugged all-terrain lantern accurately simulates the comforting effect of a roaring, crackling fire - perfect for festivals, parties, camping and more. Fully rechargeable, this lantern contains 96 LEDs for a warming, realistic flame effect.
 4.9 stars from 42 customers

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Best light
This is a genuine product among many immitations. It is reliable, robust and waterproof.
This is the second one I have bought. I use mine indoors, one on either side of my TV unit. Perfect for movie night, so cosy. Love them. USB brilliant instead of plugs and wires.
Looks good
Really nice decorative light. It is my second one and gets used in my lounge. Easy to charge up. Very happy with my purchase.
Love It
What an excellent novelty lamp. Got it for a gift for a wee old lady and she was in tears. She is thrilled to bits.
Realistic flame
Has always an excellent product and was super quick to be delivered.
brilliant lamp
this is a brilliant lamp looked perfect in my garden for Halloween really added to the atmosphere have now got them indoors as lamps for the darker nights really realistic looking flames and so easy to charge up through the usb port can be used through the laptop or I just charge them through my phone charger really well made am going to get a few more to put round my garden in the summer highly recommend
Very effective flame effect
Great for use indoors as it uses LEDs and produces no heat. The flame effect is superb and doesn't seem to be repetitive. I like having a couple on in the living room now the autumn nights are drawn in. Worthwhile purchase in my opinion, and doesn't take long to top up the charge.
Product great exactly as described
Amazing Flame effect light
Have bought few Flame effect light but this one is far superior in term of brightness , flame effect look so real and the battery last forever .I use them inside my home , got 3 of them now and have to say that it create an amazing soft romantic atmosphere .Love it as everybody who come to my place.I will get more in the future :-)
Love it.
Flame very real looking. Easy to use and charge.
Flame effect lantern
Absolutely brilliant lantern at a good price. Only two things would make it better would be a switch to control the brightness and a speed switch to slow/increase the flame ????. However it is still a fantastic way to light up the room.
Great lamp
Great product. Good service and fast delivery to nz.
Fantastic Flame Affect for Indoors and Outdoors Lantern.
I bought this to use inside use and it’s so realistic with the flame, I think this is the best I’ve seen and it’s a great price and it’s chargeable and the flame last for about 18 hours and it’s so easy to charge with the usb connector that comes with it and it takes 4 hours to charge it, and it’s waterproof so you can use it outside so it’s a great piece of technology!!!!
Lovely flame effect
I bought this lantern with the intention of putting it in my new summerhouse, which hasn't arrived yet, but I have charged and tested it. I love the fact that it charges via USB, but what I love even more is the effect this little lantern gives and that is the flame effect and glow when it is switched on. Its quite bright, and does actually give off a flame like effect. Ive used it outside when its dark and it gives off a lovely flamelike glow which gives you a nice peaceful feeling. I can't wait to put in my summerhouse when I'm relaxing in the evening.
Great item
Very effective and an eye-catching design. Very pleased with my purchase. Thank you
good effect lamp
Have adapted the lamp to fit inside a flame effect fire and has proved very effective
Great flame effect
This lantern is so lifelike I catch it out of the corner of my eye and think I must remember to blow that candle out
A great statement piece for the fireplace
Flame light
Very life like flame, long lasting and impressive. I have located two in lanterns hanging on wall and they look the real thing. I have received several admiring comments. Very pleased with product.
Worked well
I was pleased with the lantern, though I am not just sure where Im going to use it yet, at the moment its on my mantelpiece giving a warm flickering glow on winter nights.
Looks good although evening weather hasn't been clement enough to put on the garden table where it's destined!
A delightful device looking realistic
An excellent device which when placed against a reflective background is even more realistic. Simple to use with good battery lif
Amusing and effective
Bought this to provide some interest in a fireplace when the fire not lit. Much safer than candles especially when our grandson is around. Gives a realistic fire flickering effect. Thinking of getting another.
Fantastic purchase
A very simple and good looking item that I use indoors. It looks like a real flame and seems very well made. It also lasts a long time before a charge is needed. It is a fantastic item.
Fun welcome light
Bought to add a little welcoming light to a dark hallway in winter.
Excellent length of charge greatly appreciated by everyone who has seen it.
Hoping they give a long service unlike a lot of garden lights at the same price!
Brilliant - in more ways than one!
Realistic flame effect. We have it in our wood burner when not in use to give a cosy glow.
Excellent - just what we wanted
Very well designed and built - solid construction. Comes with pole for fixing in ground or stand for table use. Just the thing for late evenings camping. Gives a lovely warm ambience instead of the harsh white light of led torches. Would have liked the pole to be a bit longer but it's probably sensible given the weight of the lantern - and it's not always easy to get a firm purchase in camping grounds in high summer with a plastic spike.
Very good flame effect.
Gives of very realistic flame effect. Also works while plugged in to power outlet.
I am very happy with the lantern it is exactly what i thought it would be
the lantern is what i expected ,the battery life is great and i use it indoors all the time
Brilliant Realistic looking lantern
This is an excellent and well made product. Very well packaged and produced parts. The flame effect is very realistic - very clever. The charged battery seems to last for about 16 hours between charging.
Incredibly realistic
Excellent quality, realistic,good charge duration and very good value.
A very impressive product - quite realistic flame effect.
I am very pleased with this product. So much so that I have purchased a couple of extra ones. At the moment I am using one behind the glass in my wood burner when I don't feel like lighting a real fire. The effect is very realistic and very relaxing. A larger version, if it was available, would be even better as a fire substitute in glass-fronted wood burners (when they are not being used as a primary heating source and one can't be bothered to light up for an hour or so).
Very good, quality item, very good delivery.
Very pleased with the effect and standard, yet to try outdoors?
Made well, sturdy and seems to do what it says, easy to assemble and recharge, v good ????
Looks good.
Very effective with the candle flickering effect. Looks and feels very sturdy. Not tried it outdoors yet to see if it is weather proof.
Worth the money?
Great product
Excellent light effect, great build, looks good on stand or ground spike, easy to recharge. Don't hesitate to buy.
Excellent item
Very realistic and lots of people think it is brilliant. Worth the money

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