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Griffin Survivor iPhone 6S / 6 All -Terrain Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Built to UK and US military specifications and independently tested in extreme conditions, the black Griffin Survivor tough case for the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 provides peerless protection.
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 4.5 stars from 28 customers

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good product for outdoor use
Excellent product
excellent product delivered extremely swiftly
Just a great service!
Nice trim unit. Less robust than the equivalent for the iPhone S for. Still happy with the cover. Great service. Original order went missing in the mail. Mobile zap Immedisately accepted responsibility ( even although it was not their fault) and sent a replacement unit. Highly recommend MobileZap!
Fantastic Case
I'm a engineer so I always look for a rugged case to protect my mobile phone, the Survivor is such a case, with a really tactile thick rubber surround, and the belt clip means I can keep my phone with me so I won't miss any calls, Great case.
Had one of these before for iPhone5 brilliant
Nothing had one before highly recommend them for people who have industrial jobs ,ie electrician builder plumber ext
The item does what it says it will
the item does what it says it will and the Company is very good at getting the item to you fast
Rubbish case
Had one of your cases for my iPhone 4 Brilliant, might of been a bit chunky but protected my phone from knocks, dust and dirt Got a case for my daughter's iPad protected that from falls brilliantly Got a case in February for my new iPhone 6 and you've changed the design. One clip broke in the second week and now 8 months later I'm looking for a new case as over the months the other clips have broke and now the screen is falling off and my phone is covered in dust Totally disappointed in this cheap new design rated it as 1 for poor bottom of the list
Product is as described does the job fits perfect and no loss of signal would recommend.
Robust but useable
The Griffin Survivor case fulfils the makers claims, it provides full protection for your iPhone without adding too much size to the original phone. It is slimline enough to still put in your pocket and the built in screen protector allows you to continue using the fingerprint ID function although you do have to press a little harder than normal when operating the touch screen. The case is really easy to put on and take off so can be used at the times when your phone is at greater risk of getting damaged such as cycling, hiking, skiing etc but, now you don't have to worry about it getting damaged and can it be removed for for the rest of the time.The belt clip attachment does work but is bulky and the way the phone clips into it makes it awkward to use.It is better suited by someone who works outside and can't carry their phone in a pocket or wants to attach it to a rucksack or utility belt, certainly not the sort of thing you would wear under a suit jacket.
If you are the sort of person that throws your phone in a car pocket or on your desk and puts it in a rucksack at the weekend then this case is ideal.
Quality product
This is the second time I have purchased a Griffin case from Mobile Fun.
As with the previous delivery Mobile Fun got it to me in superfast time.
The product is thoughtfully designed, and most importantly the phone fits easily and securely, and is easy to remove, which is not always the case (forgive the pun!).
The great thing about this case is not only can you easily access all the buttons but the fingerprint reader home button also works, which is a nice touch.
The sturdy construction gives great confidence that the phone will be protected from all but the most serious action, but without making a large phone feel bulky.
If you want a well made protective case then order this one.
Great Case & service
I have used Mobile Fun on and off for years as they have great products and provide an excellent service. I recently upgraded to a new iPhone 6 and immediately went to Mobile Fun for ideas. The case is excellent and screen works well through the cover
Great protection.
Nearly bomb proof.Only issue was the camera cover was difficult to open in a hurry then eventually the cover broke off, the hinge broke.
Otherwise brilliant. Just acquired my Iphone 6 and want the same level of protection.
No brainer. I need this!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
what i would like to say is the cover is not completable comfortable to writing anything ,the front cover is to far from the screen
Does the job! But...
Great solid case, protects the phone perfectly no complains. Only downfall is the screen cover, feels flimsy and is not clear, also some dust gets in-between the screen cover and the actual phone.
I've had one on my iPhone 4s for 3 years & the phone doesn't have a mark on it, I'm a decorator so it's a brilliant bit of kit as keeps it safe & pretty much dust free, looks like this one will hopefully be just the same
I have been looking for this product and finally it protects my phone and actually does what it says on the tin !!
Amazing product it should be advertised in builders merchants/magazines well worth the money
My iPhone became a Man-phone
I love the technology of my Iphone. However I lead an active life. I have been known to wade into the sea to launch a boat only to remember that my phone is in my pocket. I have also previously dropped an iPhone and had the expense of having to replace the screen. I cycle, hike, scuba dive and use my little boat to go and watch dolphins and seals. My life is full of adventures. The rugged nature of my Survivor allows me to do this with confidence. It is grippy, bouncy and protected while still being fully functional. The screen cover does not in any way inhibit or interfere with the functionality. I have had other covers where the screen cover interfered and made the screen too sensitive. Just putting the phone to my ear would trigger events on the phone. I have not found this to happen with the Survivor. My flimsy, girly iphone has become my rugged man-phone while maintaining all the features and functionality that I expect from my phone.
Good case but lacks a really good seal.
I have previously owned a griffin case for my old phone and as I work in the building trade it was always put to the test. This case is a lot more user friendly as you can touch the whole of the screen but like the other case it lacks a complete seal to stop really fine dust getting through. I did my research and at the time this is the best case but there is still room for improvements. I would give this 4.5 stars.
iphone 6 survivor case
I phone 6 Griffin Survivor case. Ive used the survivor case now for over 2 years with an Iphone 5 & just purchased the Iphone 6 case, so far the Iphone 6 case is just as good as the previous one, the case is very strong & robust I often get cement & mud on the case & it also gets wet, the iphone has dropped from my pocket on to concrete with no damage to the phone.
I have broken the belt clip on the iphone 5 but that was my own fault.
After 2 years of use I took my phone from the case wiped some bits of dust away & the phone was just like new I got top price for it when I sold it.
Excellent product for anybody who wants a nice phone but struggles keeping it clean & damage free.
I ve seen people break phones on a building site, a case is much cheaper than a new iphone.
Best case ive ever brought highly recommended.
Survivor Case - protecting my i phone 6
Very impressed with the quickness of the delivery. The product fits snugly around my phone giving it top quality protection. When I opened the package I was surprised at the quality and the protection that it offers. Hopefully I wont be droping my i phone but if the worst happens, I am confident it will be protected as best as it can be. Definatly will be coming back to shop with Mobile Fun.
A great case to protect the entire phone and the screen protector was one of the main reasons I wanted this one. Does make it a little chunky but the new iPhone is bigger anyway. I really like it. If you want to be getting it in and out of a pocket then the rubber surround will restrict it a bit. The only down side is the headphone socket. You can only use thin headphone jacks like the apple headphones which is a really shame because my in car audio cable no no longer fits so I have to buy another adaptor!
Griifin Survivor
Sadly this product has not met my expectations. The top right hand clip that secures the front cover does not clip properly. It is hard to secure and when it has been it keeps popping undone causing the top to flap up. When talking on the phone people say they cant hear me, it appears the bottom of case moves to cover the speaker. My phone is ok with case off. I have tried without the cover but this is not an option phone falls out of case. The top needs to be on at all times. Not happy returning as faulty.
Perfect for keeping my phone looking good!
I work as a builder and my previous phones have always got scratched and damaged within a matter of days. This keeps the grit out of all the holes, protects the screen and phone from being dropped. Whilst it is a little on the bulky side it's worth it, I do use a seperate case for evening weekends, case is easy enough to take off and put on every day, would definitely recommend.
Just the Job
This case is just what i needed as my job involves dust and water and so far i does what is written on the tin well pleased with this
Griffen survivor case
I had one of these cases for my iPhone 5, and as my job is manual work it protected my phone for 2 yrs, not even putting a scratch on it. So when I recieved my new phone, there was no question that this was the case I was getting,and when it arrived, I couldn't wait to fit it. I recommend this case to anyone. It is sturdy and does exactly what it says on the packet.
Griffin Survivor iPhone 6
Good product for those of us who frequently drop their phone. This item will protect your new phone from almost anything but does increase the size of the new 6 in your hand quite significantly - has the feeling your holding a thin brick to your ear - can't imagine how massive the 6 plus survivor case will appear. Safety over substance makes it a winner for me though.
The one case to rule them all!
I am huge fan of the Griffin Survivor case in all my previous iterations of the iPhone. So when I ordered my iPhone 6 and even before I received it, I knew that I needed to get this case.

Then we got to hear about the news about Bendgate and I knew I made the correct decision. The iPhone 6 is amazingly thin and some might say why would you want to hide it in a bulky case.

Well, as the phone id thinner - it means the case is thinner and even sleeker. It still has the same protection as previous cases. I really like how the phone is enclosed and the screen cover design clips on easily end efficiently. You can remove the front cover in case you need to clean it and the rest of the phone stays in the case. However you probably won't even need to as the dust cover flaps for the usb power cable and headphone socket are a snug and streamlined fit. I was a bit dubious about the strength of the fingerprint id protector but only time will tell as I use this case.

Overall I am confident that this case will keep my iPhone in pristine condition with the added bonus of being rugged enough to survive accidental drops, odd rain splashes. It has excellent "grip-ability" so hopefully minimise drops etc.

I never have used the supplied belt holder and have a collection built up now.. Don't really think it is needed and also who would want to advertise their phones by holstering it on their belt.. I would want to hide it away when not in use if you know what I mean.

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