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Griffin Survivor iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus All-Terrain Case - Black Reviews

Built to UK and US military specifications and independently tested in extreme conditions, the black Griffin Survivor tough case for the Apple iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus provides peerless protection.
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 4.5 stars from 25 customers

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Quality Case
Very happy with this iPhone case. covers all protective needs including screen protector. belt clip is very handy when at work. material does feel a little cheap though.
kinda bulky but....physically would survive a Nuclear bomb. Not sure about the EMP tho
This case from a protective perspective is tremendous. I would have given it 5 stars but because it can't be used in a docking environment I chose 4 stars. However if you ever need to do a smash and grab on a jewellers window and still have a working phone then this is the case for you. (tongue-in-cheek)

John : )
I like the case I like the all round protection you get if you drop on floor you don't have to freak out or when u spill something on it or when your kids play with your phone u haven't got worry bout marks either so I would recommend this case to anyone who asking or looking at my phone case on public transport where I got it from I would buy again
Excellent product
First class item which should keep my iPhone in pristine condition.
All terrain case,
wow,it's really chunky,I mean big ,all terrain is the word ok,it could well withstand a direct nuclear hit,it's really impressive ,you won't lose it ,it's "BIG" if you are the outdoor type,rambling ,climbing ,whatever,this is your iPhone cover,not for wimps.
Very Tough Product
I bought this case so that I would feel safe taking my iPhone 6 Plus on a beach vacation. I had no worries about blowing sand, ocean spray, or dropping the phone. The case is very tough and I had confidence it would protect the phone well. I've only had it a short time but it seems like it will last well. The belt clip/stand and the fact that you can still use the fingerprint scanner are also nice features. Great product.
Extremely happy
Extremely happy
Good product
Thanks prompt delivery and great product only had it a week all good so far. Hope it last for years that is the telling factor
Good product
Thanks prompt delivery and great product only had it a week all good so far. Hope it last for years that is the telling factor
Great quality but big.
First I must congratulate Mobilefun on their excellent service - ordered one day delivered next working day via DPD with full tracking.
The case is very well made, seals the phone in well with excellent protection and the rubber surround, whilst difficult to fit, once fitted is very secure - better than my previous Otterbox Defender. The instructions to open the case and fit it are inside the case so first you have to open it to find out how to open it.
The case is slim which suits the iPhone very well , but the iPhone 6 plus is already large and this makes it larger - 97mm x 175mm
The case is rigid enough to stop any bending.
I have read review wich say it has sound problems, I can't find a problem and as someone with not the best hearing I would be very aware of any detriment to the sound.
Overall it is an excellent case and I would thoroughly recommend it.
survivor case
only have this case for a short period of time now ,but so far it has survived an accidental drop and with no damage to phone in any way .
It does add extra size and bulk to the phone but then again it does give it serious protection.
however there is a few design flaws in the case itself the seal around the case is very hard to snap shut and this has to be done to ensure case is properly closed.
the front screen protector is easily smudged and there is a oily coating on it .
Forget about the from facing camera with this case as it causes the images to be distorted as the designer omitted a slot for the camera in front !!.
but all in all for such a valuable phone it offers solid protection and adds extra grip to it
size / usage
A little large but great to hold securely particularly important when you have spent £700 on an iPhone. Have confidence in the phone being safe and secure in the case. Only issue for me is that the belt clip has to be taken off each time the phone wants charging. Otherwise no better protection for the iPhone available and I did all the research
Griffin survivor iphone 6 plus
Fantastic item, have had this range for the iphone4,5 ipad 2,3 and ipad air. Dosn't fail and will give me peace of mind. Also unlike some companies Mobile fun has managed to stock this item.
Service excellent product not so good - griffin survivor case
Service and packaging excellent but the griffin case doesn't compare to otter box. I nearly returned the item. I have had to remove the microphone/ speaker grill as I couldn't hear people's voices. The belt clip is pointless and overall I won't be looking to buy a griffin case again. Great retailer though. I would buy again from them :)
Griffin survivor iPhone 6+ all Terrain case - black
This product has prevented my 6+ from folding in my pocket, looks good & does exactly what it says on the tin. If your pushed for a 6+ case & a bit worried about protecting it then this is the case for you & mobile fun will get it you quickly!
Baby proof
Bought the griffin survivor case because my 11month old son like to use everyday objects as throwing toys. Needed something tough to withstand drops, bumps, biting and loads of dribble. Perfect case..comfy to hold and tough enough to withstand the baby from hell on crack.
The best you can buy
Bought one of these cases for my iPhone 4, iphone 5 and now the 6 plus. They do the job you buy them to do. Save your £800 mini computer from harm despite all rough treatment you might give it. Every phone I have had has remained in pristine condition despite many drops and spills that would have ruined any other phone. Specifically the 6 plus case still enables the phone to be used with one hand and not appear to be too bulky. All slots and buttons are protected and usable although the camera lens is protected you do not have to undo a flap like previous models a big improvement. The fingerprint sensor works every time from within the case. Expensive but worth every penny compared to buying a new phone.
Had a Spurvivor case for my IPhone 4 s,
It preserved it well for 2 years. Now fat fingers and worsening eyesight prompted an upgrade to a 6 plus. Griffin have made a good product better and have made the new iPhone more practical for a farmer with dirty fingers and outdoor working environment. The rubber surround holds it in your shirt top pocket well even when doing your boot laces up!
Stops your iphone bending!
I did my homework prior to buying this product. Something that would prevent bending but also give me the equivalent protection of my old otterbox case. This is a great case, i feel safe in the knowledge that my phone is protected not only from rain and dust but knocks and drops that it may encounter. The case itself could do with some instructions re putting together but after a little play it is fairly easy to fathom out. You can still use the fingerprint unlock, all buttons work as they should, it does add a little bit of bulk to the phone but hey, who doesn't want the best protection for their expensive phone. If you are like me and purchase several of the cheaper cases before deciding, save your money and buy this case. You wont be dissapointed. Great service from mobile fun with next day delivery as promised.
reasonably good

The cover is reasonably good but It's a case that I bought as a temporary fix, until Lifeproof or Outter box release there covers. I would like to see a case that is more robust, possibly it's main case constructed from aluminium or steel. This case still feels a little weak and cheap, this contradicts it price.
Very very good
I have been using the Griffin case over the last 2 years on my iPhone 4 and have been delighted with it
The latest Griffin cover is a vast improvement even over the original and I'm sure it will protect this new phone as well as the last one did
Looks cool and feels secure in the hand
Great product
Build to last
I bought this to protect my new iPhone. I've used these on two previous iPhones and although I'm in the building trade when it comes time to replace my phone I always get the top price as the phone looks like new. My last phone even survived a drop into a can of emulation paint. It just needed a rinse under a tap (still in the case obviously). Highly recommended
Well made
having used your product for over three years on my IPhone 4s and not a scratch or mark on the phone and it has being dropped God knows how many times it's still brand new when the 6 plus came out there was only one product that was going to take care of my £788 pound purchase and that was the Griffing. survivor The case looks good and will i hope protect my phone like its predecessor well made and when my new IPhone arrives will be put straight into the case and enjoyed thanks for the protection your case gave to my old IPhone 4s and I know the new case will do the same job well done

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