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Love Mei Powerful HTC 10 Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your HTC 10 with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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 4 stars from 13 customers

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Great protection for your phone
A great product, does exactly what is needed to protect your phone from the elements and knocks in a busy world. The only downside is the size and weight.
Good Case
The case is quite large and heavy but protects the phone well and covers the screen really well. Everything works as it should.
Fantastic product, hard wearing
Really happy with this phone cover, sturdy and phone still fully functional. Screen still sensitive and volume buttons work great. I had previously gone through 2 screen savers and one leather case within 2 months of purchasing new phone. Feel completely comfortable letting my 3 year old have my phone. Thanks, Great product and excellent price.
Could take a bullet
With a padded metal case and extra glass screen all bolted together. This thing is tough!. However, it is also very heavy and bulky so great for a Navy seal but not so good for socialites.
Better than the otta
Awesome better than the otta.
Restricted my phone service
Great product as far as durability but restricts your phone service. The reason I got the rugged phone case is for hunting and being out in the woods where service may not be that great. Even in the city and at home in my own Wi-Fi I could not receive calls or text or send calls or text. If you're planning on going off the grid this is not the phone case for you.
I've ordered a lot of things online and this is by far the best service I've ever had! Great products great service thank you so much!!!
Perfect for me, but note heavy, screws
I bought this case quickly because I had just gotten an expensive phone and needed to protect it quickly as I am quite clumsy. I will point out this case is very heavy (more than the phone) and not for everyone, but will make your phone bomb-proof. Important: many people on many sites complain these cases interfere with reception, wi-fi and GPS. Maybe it's this particular model of case which has a partially rubber back instead of solid metal, but I tested all reception very carefully with case both on an off, and I have zero issues. No interference with reception that I can detect whatsoever. There's been other complaints about the glass, parts of the phone being blocked, and honestly, I find for me none of those problems at all. A stylus works fine, no loss of sensitivity on screen. I can see everything perfectly, including LED. There's been some comments about heat - fine so far. I'm very happy. Please note - the case is screwed together with six hex bolts. You won't be able to get SIM or microSD out quickly at all, and you'll need a small hex tool to do so (two included in pack). Phillips or flathead screwdriver will probably damage screws. That and the weight need to be taken into account before purchase, and may not suit everybody, but they are engineering trade offs for the most indestructible case I've ever come across. For me personally, I'm giving five stars because it suits my particular needs perfectly. Safety above all else. But if a very heavy phone and inability to swap items out quickly are an issue for you, take note.

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