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Official Motorola Moto G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Keep your Motorola Moto G6's screen safe without compromising on sensitivity with this official tempered glass screen protector.
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 3.6 stars from 11 customers

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It was great
It was great, it did the job, good price and it came really quickly. Thank you.
Would have liked to know that it is very slightly smaller than the screen it is meant to fit. However it is better than no protection at all.
Extra protection
An easy to fit tough screen. For that extra protection, if you're clumsy like me.
Not bad
Not bad but leaves a bigger gap at the edge of the screen than the last one did for the G5 model.
Brilliant it's idiot proof
Easy to use
No more than adequate
There are two criticisms to be made of this product. Firstly it is too narrow for the screen size, by about 2mm. Secondly it is difficult to position correctly because the adhesive strips, which are used to assist location, are insufficiently adhesive and do not stick to the phone case or glass.
Doesn't fit, don't bother with this one.
This product does not fit the screen edge-to-edge on the sides and leaves about a millimetre of screen exposed on each side. Not only does this look ugly and ruin the appearance of an otherwise good looking device, it will cause issues using the very edge of the screen. The length of it top-to-bottom is also a bit short and could be better from a protection point of view. Very disappointed, will be returning. Shame on Lenovo/Motorola for producing this.
Doesn't cover screen
Despite being made by the phone manufacturer the glass does not cover the entire display of the phone so you end up with a line running down the edges of your screen on both sides a couple of millimetres in from where the display stops. There is no bevel or curve to the screen to explain why this is so.

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