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Official Samsung Car Charger - ACADU10CBE Reviews

Samsung ACADU10CBE Car Charger. Make sure that your phone is always fully charged. Charges at a rate of 750 mAh.
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 4.7 stars from 119 customers

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Does the job!
Quality product. Good fit with phone and charging socket. Compact, easily stored in car.
Product is the preferred item for my Samsung phone
Could not find this item locally - even from the shop where I originally bought the phone ! Does exactly what I wanted and it's the correct match for the phone - no possible mis-match problems.
How long it takes to charge a flat phone
MobileFun Reply
Hi Graham

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Sounds like you may have a faulty accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Short reach!
The length of the cable restricts where your phone is mounted in the car. In my case (right hand side of the steering wheel)it is overstretched and I am concerned that the tension created will damage the entry slot of the phone or cause a short. Would not buy again without knowing the "comfortable" stretch length of the cable.
Excellent product
5 Stars
Excellent product
5 Stars
Pleased at last
First one did not work, but after contacting MobileFun and carrying out the tests they asked me to do, a replacement was shipped out straight away. The second one works perfectly and I am very pleased with the service received from MobileFun.
Having recently been stranded for 7 hours in a motorway traffic jam, I vowed I would never be without a charged up phone again. I trawled the Internet for a Samsung in car charger. Most of them were cheap but fakes. I then came across this company and having read the reviews, decided to buy. I am not disappointed. In fact just the opposite. My charger arrived only a day later. Now being without my phone when I need it most, is a thing of the past. I'm over the moon. I shall buy these as gifts for all my family when birthdays come along. Thank you for selling genuine products with no hassle and for a good price.
It's official samsung. Only issue is nit fast charging but i just want for emergencies
Fitted the car and worked fine
Everything I needed to know about this item was explained fully on the web site. The charger came on time and fitted the car and worked fine. Have bought from Mobile Fun a few times and have always received excellant service. Top company.
Value For Money
After using "cheap and nasty" similar items, decided to scour internet for suitable reliable product. Found exactly what I wanted, at a price that was very reasonable. From point of order to delivery I have nothing but praise for how my order was processed. Thanks to all concerned
Check the charging rates
This is a good charger for the price but it is only rated as 0.75 amp output charging, so for higher powered devices, it will take time to charge.

Mobile Fun also sell another genuine Samsung charger with a detachable USB lead rated at 2 amp which provides a much faster charging time, but it does come a a premium price, however its worth the price as it charges my note 4 is no time.
Does what it says on the pack!
Perfect genuine Samsung car charge. Just what I needed.
samsu g in car charger
Had cheapie chargers before which never lasted too long. This is a Samsung; works well now. The quality is much better and it should (I hope) last a great deal longer.
Car Adapter.
Nice solid looking product, though surprisingly only with a micro USB unlike phone charger which has a double size type.
My old charger would have worked I now discover, but this will be useful in the future I am quite sure.
great product
Super quick delivery.Original item for a good price
Very useful
It's great to know I can keep my phone charged during the day when I'm out and about - nothing worse than trying to make a call when you forgot to charge it the night before!
Great item - works well , coils up out of the way when not in use.
Delivered on time and the price was good, will certainly order from mobilefun again!
The real thing
So glad I ordered a genuine Samsung charger and not a fake for a couple of quid less elsewhere. QUALITY accessory, thank you. And WOW, FAST service!! Will be coming back!
good secure fit in phone and 12v supply
Couldn't fault the charger great job
Unlike other chargers is sturdy and works well
I've had loads of chargers in the past and all of them have stopped working after a few months. This one is clear when its charging and works well.
Just the job
Seems robust and works as stated.
Very prompt service
excellent product and great delivery,needed it the day after and got 2hrs before going on hols :)
Works fine
My Z10 was taking a very long time to charge in the car and after the latest software update it kept giving me warnings to use the official Blackberry charger (which was out of stock). This one looked ok and appeared to give a reasonable output. It arrived the next day (on ordinary delivery, like the last item that I ordered from you - very fast). The charger works fine and charges my Z10 in a reasonable time - would buy it again (unless the Blackberry one was cheaper :) )
"Didnt realize how much I needed it"
Panic, off to France for four days and no car charger for this phone. Ordered it, got it next day. Of to France next day connected phone to charger each time I got in car.
Result, full battery all trip.
Read reviews and they were right it pays to buy genuine item.
Just what i needed
Awesome fast shipping perfect item !!!
Thanks a lot !!!
I wanted Genuine, I got Genuine !
I spent a long time time reading descriptions and reviews all over the place, how many said Genuine Samsung in the description and got poor reviews - Loads. You get what you pay for. Can,t fault MObile Fun in any way. I got exactley what i wanted. I would rather pay a couple of quid extra and get what i want.
Good buy
Unit looks fine and operates as well as other chargers used for different phones
Clones are a waste of money!
Purchased a 'clone' for my wife's Ace 2 only to find that the charger was a VERY tight fit! So tight that I was afraid of damaging the Samsung mobile! Binned that immediately and ordered a genuine Samsung charger from MobileFun.co.uk to find that this one fits perfectly! Don't waste your money on clone chargers when MobileFun.co.uk sell the genuine part for a few pence more! Excellent service and true to its word!
Fixed my charging problem
My phone had been plauged with not charging with a car charger. After re flashing and changing the usb port on the phone to no avail, this solved my problem. Job done
Does what it says on the box!
A Charger. Either it works or it dosen't.

It Works. Thanks
Solid choice
A very solid charger, made with great quality as it's a genuine Samsung product, the cable is very nicely extended and I hadn't got any issues with it at all! Highly recommended!
Perfect +++
I ordered two of these car chargers after trying to get on with poorly fitting generic micro usb chargers. These are just great for our Samsung phones. The usb connector is very firmly located and they actually increased the available battery power unlike some of the cheap rubbish out there. Don't buy anything else for your galaxy. Arrived within 24 hours of placing my order. I will not be looking anywhere else for mobile phone accessories in future. Thank you.
Great piece of kit
great piece of kit works perfectly ideal for people on the move
Just what I needed
Have not used yet so can not give proper review. Your service was very good as usual. Review wise it looks like a typical Samsung product. i.e. well made and stylish.
Does what it says on the tin!
Wanted a high quality car charger, and I got one at a very reasonable price. Great stuff
samsung charger
This is an official samsung car charger. Really fast delivery, great product. great buy! got mine in 2 days!
The perfect product
Superfast delivery And the correct product
Just right...
There's not a lot you can really say about these, but while ever they are not universal, it is necessary to be able to get the right one. It arrived quickly, and does its job.
Just as I has expected from this site.... good quality reliability ...just as described!!...
Functional value.
There isn't much I can say about this charger other than it does exactly what's required and at this price, it represents great value for money too.
Just what I was looking for.
This is a first class product
buy it. and first class service AGAIN.Thank you
Totally perfect!
Not a lot else to say but it does exactly what it says on the tin! Good value for money, good quality and works perfectly.
its what i needed
Its just what I needed and does the job perfectly.
It works, albeit slowly. Good in an emergency, but charging is nowhere near as fast as a amins socket.
Excellent charger
It's a genuine Samsung charger, it works perfectly with my S2 and arrived 3 days after I placed the order.
Just what I wanted
Does the job for what I wanted it for,well made piece of eqipment.
Genuine Samsung Car Charger
This charger did everything expected of it and being a Genuine Samsung Charger, as expected, no problem ......just plug in and off you go :)

The spiral cord is very tight and compact and that may not be to everyones preference, however to me it kept it neat and tidy and flexible.
Excellent Quality
Purchased the Samsung car charger for my Galaxy S2. Arrived very quickly and first noticed what excellent quality it was. Others I have purchased before have been more expensive but a lot cheaper in quality. Would recommend this purchase to anyone
It works
A car charger that plugs into the car and charges the phone. What more can you say?
Samsung Galaxy S2
Dont go anywhere without one, a car charger is a must and this genuine accessory is excellent
samsung car charger
Great item an absolute must with the galaxy s2 but most of all another easy transaction with mobile fun cheers guys i will be back for more goodies
Great value genuine charger
Better value than many 'generic' chargers - no reason to buy anything but genuine items at these prices.
dont travel without one!
Fabulous next day delivery. Great product. Never leave home without it no more low battery for me. Well priced too.
just the job
Yet again fabulous service and a great product. Always charge my phone on my way to work, new phone galaxy s so had to buy new charger, great price too!
wouldnt be with out it!
Does what it says on the tin, a must if you are on a car journey and using Navigation and Music Player. Arrived with phone still fully charged. Well worth the money.
Samsung CAD300UBEC/STD Car Charger.
Post first rate charger works fine at the second time of asking but it does what it says it should cable a little short but not bad
Does the Job
Item does the job, only thing that would improve it is a longer coiled cable. Would've given 5 stars otherwise.
Samsung Car Charger
I found this product very good and of sturdy construction. It charges well.
Sam sung car charger
It does feel well maid not that cheep plastic feel even thou it is plastic it self it just feels strong in my hand`s,there is plenty of cable so you can put the phone somewhere convenient so it is out of the way when charging.Its built to last and it feel`s hard waring. The power light is a nice green glow will look nice in the night when in use. Well what els can i say,than that it work`s. You plug it into the cigarette liter plug the other end into the phone, and there you are like it says on the box the phone start`s charging end.
Item badly needed
I ordered this item on behalf of my daughter for her new Samsung S Galaxy.
This item was not included with the phone and is now in regular use in her car.
A problem resolved cheaply.
short cord
Yes it charges, but the cord is way to short.
The car charger keeps my phone charged up.
The car charger keeps my phone charged up and the hands free system connects everytime, whereas if the phone is not on charge it does not always connect.
It works !
Not a lot to say about an in-car charger. It does exacly what it says it does without getting over-hot.
Car power charger for mobile
Fine, product not expensive and works!
Samsung CAD300UBEC/STD Car charger
A very good charger cannot fault it.For once i have found one that fits by cigarette lighter perfectly. I will never buy a cheap one again. Ebay bye bye.
Arrived very quickly and does all it needs!
Guilty as Charged
It does exactly what it is supposed to do.
Samsung Phone charger
The items were well made being the proper Samsung car chargers. I have one in my car and my wife has the other in her car and we use them each day to charge our phones. Great when you travel and use your phone a lot. Also excellent value.
Samsung CAD300UBEC/STD Car Charger
Samsung car charger
Excellent service, quick delivery and item exactly as described. Definitely shop here again!
Competant, but lead could be improved
Decent charger, can just about hold the charge in the phone whilst using it as a GPS (with Sygic) - which is a feat as the phone consumes a lot of power running the display flat out as well as 3G, GPS and CPU being busy.

It's a pity the cable is coiled though - way too stiff to stretch as the self retraction force tends to pull quite hard on the little micro USB plug. They would have been better off making it a straight cable, 50% longer with a velcro tie to buch up the unused.

It will just reach from a gearstick adjacent power point to the phone being on the dash dead centre away from the windshield.

For the wife's car where it will have to go on the right side on the screen I have had to order some male-female micro usb extension cables from China as noone here seems to sell them.
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