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Official Samsung Universal Smartphone Vehicle Dock Mount - Car Holder Reviews

Dock your phone safely in the car with this Genuine Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock Car Holder and Windscreen Mount, ideal for when you use your phone as a Sat Nav. Officially designed this Samsung car holder is universal, adjusting to all phones.
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Dock your phone safely in the car with this Genuine Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock Car Holder and Windscreen Mount, ideal for when you use your phone as a Sat Nav. Officially designed this Samsung car holder is universal, adjusting to all phones.
 4.8 stars from 551 customers

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Works exactly how it sasy- Good!
The first phone holder I've had that actually does all it says it would. Its sturdy, looks good and holds the phone no problems. Glad I made the investment.
Has stayed in place for a month now.
Great product
Bought this item for my trip to Wales. Could not be more happier with the product. My mobile stayed in the same place all the way to Wales and so did the product on my windscreen. Well worth the money.
quite a sturdy item but have to keep taking my phone from it's case in order for the holder to grip it firmly in place. Annoying.
I would have liked to know that the phone must be removed from any case before it can be docked securely. It is not suitable for doing so in a case as it moves about and feels like it is going to fall out. Seems a little pricey because of that.
Rock solid
Excellent holder - absolutely rock solid on the windscreen and holds my iPhone 11 perfectly. Seems really well made - fast and tactile opening mechanism and easy to squeeze shut and rotate if necessary for navigation etc. I've had to replace windscreen mounts every couple of years because they seem to simply fall apart but hopefully this one will last!
Brilliant and highly recommend
That the product had an excellent rating and that it was supplied by a reputable company such as Samsung.
The product has fulfilled its purpose and I am very pleased with the results.
Excellent value for the money
excellent item perfect for the job
would it be the right dock for my telephone
Perfect - exactly as required
This product met my needs entirely and makes driving much safer
Great product and service!
Genuine Samsung product. Really fast delivery and kept informed throughout. Highly recommended!
Very happy
I love the Samsung Smartphone vehicle mount that I purchased from Mobile Fun. It came within the time they said it would. It was easy to mount in my car and really serves the purpose for what I needed. One thing that makes me laugh is that it mounts on a plastic disk that is stuck to my dash with a very strong glue and then the holder goes on by a suction cup and it's a very powerful one and strong...but it has been so hot here that the heat makes the suction cup release and the holder flies into my back seat. First time it happened I thought someone broke into my car and stole it big deal...just funny. I highly recommend this product and Mobile Fun
Quality product
These phone holders are very good quality and stick well to the windscreen.
I would buy these again.
The service from mobilefun was just amazing. The original Samsung docking stn was a gift for my niece who just passed her driving test. So happy with the on time arrival and she's very happy with the product. I would recommend checking mobilefun out as i don't think you'll be disappointed. Some great offers.
Good holder, like glue on glass
Very good phone holder, good available size for your phone.
Lateral parts could be a little fragile, but at the moment is ok.
Car hholder
Perfect item. I recommend.
Samsung smartphone vehicle dock
It wasn't clear whether the dashboard disc was easily removable and I've been nervous to use the disc in case I can't get it off, or it leaves a mark which ruins the dashboard should I want to sell my car. Love it otherwise and it has great suction power on the windscreen and does what it says on the box. Easy to use and detach from the windscreen.
I have iPhone 8+ and it doesn’t hold properly
Keep fooling down
Great purchase
Very happy with this item. Mobile fits very well. Stability is very good.
Much better suction than its clones
This Samsung branded mount has a longer plunger stroke and much better suction than a very similar looking clone version I brought from a Telco shop.
Original... trystworthy to buy from here
I ordered this and after a month, it did not arrive. I emailed them and without doubting me, they resent the item and it arrived very quickly. The product is genuine and not some knock off. Definitely recommend to buy from here.
Brilliant service, fast delivery and a quality item. 5*
would definitely recommend!
really impressed with this phone mount! I have an iPhone 8 and it fits inside even with the case on. it doesn’t move around at all and is very sturdy
Great design!
Okay so this phone holder is functional, perfect sized, useful and a great purchase! It holds your phone both by squeezing it and also by supporting it on the bottom. Can rotate to show landscape View which is great when driving. I specifically looked for this exact one for me and my husband because we've had it before and it worked so great. It's just a great and smart design.
Mount works really well with my phone.
The mount works so well with my phone that we bought another one for my wife to use in her car.
Great product.
been waiting a good while for a decent car phone holder now i got it and its a genuine Samsung one and well made.
A nice change
Looks a good quality, easy to install with a good suction that is solid but a little pricey compared to other options.
Mount works really well with my phone.
The mount works really well with both my and my wife's phones. It stays solidly attached to the windshield in both of our vehicles. I bought it for myself but my wife likes it so much that I'm ordering another one for her.
Samsung mobile holder
This is a great device that fits my samsung work phone and my personal. I've had it for only a few weeks but very happy with the product.
Great product
Great product and fast shipping. Will definitely recommend
Perfect for my phone.
The holder works great in my Jeep wrangler. It holds the phone securely and allows me to drive safely while using my phone hands free. I use it attached to the windshield so I can keep my eyes on the road. I've only had it for a short time but so far so good.
is very solid
I used 3 times and is okay, I am happy
One of the Best Phone Holder for the Car
The Phone Holder is sturdy, even when u are traveling at high speeds, rough terrain or tight corners. I also like the quick release button.
Just what I wanted, Thanks
Great device
Great product if I receive it
Fits my Galaxy A51 perfectly.
It is a good fit for my phone and has brilliant suction.
Best phone dock I have purchased. Very well made and easy to install.
Quite good
It looks good and generally works okay. I have got an I-Phone XR and it has at times fallen over with the weight of the phone. I have played around with it as it is early days and it seems to be okay now.
excellent product would recommend this 1000%
Ordering another.
This is the best phone mount ever! I’ve had mine for years, and only recently has it started to fall due to simple friction warring away at the plastic that connects the phone potion to the mount potion. This is inevitable, so I’m truly impressed with the amount of time it’s stayed stable. I was told this model was discontinued, so in my search for a new mount I’m elated to find a new copy of what I already love.
Very happy with the product. Previously let down by another supplier. Mobilefun delivered quickly at Avery reasonable price. Would highly recommend.
offers easy installation and great viewing
honestly this is one of those products that is exactly as advertised. no glamor, no crazy tech gimmicks, functionality 100% easy to use everyday, easy versatile install
Worth every penny!
I love this product and wish I'd bought it sooner!
The device works well
Happy with the service and product
Great customer service
Original purchase never arrived but one email to the company and a replacement order was sent via express shipping and it was received 2 days later. Thanks for the grear service.
One of the best
Having tried several aftermarket car mobile docks and thrown most away after a week or 2 coz they become lose, I got a say this one feels good, looks good and definitely works as advertised. Feels robust and not fiddly. Expensive, but well worth it. I'm on to my 2nd one now coz I accidentally broke my last one. Recommended.
Reasonable quality car phone cradle
The list of phones that would fit was out of date, so took a bit of a gamble buying it! It states upto 5.7inch screen. My Note 10+ is bigger, but it fits fine, even with the cover on.

You must be losing sales because of this, so come on, update the phone models that will fit this cradle!
I am happy with my purchase
The product is as described and very nice!
I had some struggles with the delivery - it didnt arrive so they resent it again with a tracking option.
I would deffinitely recommend both the product and the site.
Phone holder
Does what it says on the tin.
10 out of 10
Samsung phone mount
Great item works really well good service quick dispatch and delivery
Affordable product
Item arrived in a well protected envelope and in good condition. Have been using it for last few weeks without any issues. Will recommend to my friends.
Despite thorough cleaning of the winscreen before installing the vehicle dock I found the dock and my new Samsung 10 Note lying on the floor of my car less than 2 weeks after installation of the dock.
Pretty damn useless!
I bought this car phone holder for my husband who does a lot of driving and a lot of talking. He recently was ticketed for a holding his phone while driving. This product solves all issues re: safely driving and talking via Bluetooth in the car. The ease to secure phone on and off the holder is a breeze! Thank you !! Great quality product that will last.
Perfect Holder
The Official Samsung Universal Smartphone Vehicle Dock Mount - Car Holder is the perfect companion for your Smartphone.
Simple to install and use and priced right.
Really helpful
This cell phone holder has worked quite well for me. It is stable and, simultaneously, flexible. The only improvement I would make is to make the slide that actually holds the phone less taught. I could not possibly use only one hand to glide my LARGE size IPhone between the grips.
Looks fine
I haven't had a chance to use this yet but it appears to fit the description perfectly and I have high hopes for it. I'd rècommend reading the instructions carefully before trying it out as you could possibly damage the grip mechanism by not using the correct method. It's decent quality.
Excellent product
Hello, I gave this to my mom for a birthday present to use with her phone in the car. She was very pleased with how easy it was to use and how it fit the phone perfectly. Being this is a Samsung product, it works exactly with the phone and gives multiple mounting options in the car. In fact, I plan to order one for my vehicles too A+
Still a good piece of kit
Bought one of these in December 2016 and reviewed it then. That one is still working fine. Bought this one for our camper to save swapping between vehicles. Holds latest phone with ease. Still a good piece of kit that I was happy to purchase again.
Excellent Quality
Reasonable Price and Quality of product
phone holder
fast delivery great product strong and sturdy well made like it good clear picture on internet .
Sticks to the windscreen; however the dashboard sticker is useless; phone can wobble a lot on uneven surfaces because grip is not that tight.
He does his job well
easy, fast, simple, you need to be careful how tilted the carrier is when taken off the phone because it may fall.
Good samsung quality
It did what was expected with no problems
Well made with full adjustment and amazing suction.Always worth spending more on a genuine product I say. Great service to as always from Mobile Fun!
Paid more than I have previously but so far well worth the extra expense
Perfect gift
Bought as a present for my daughter who has a iphone because if looks the best designed gripping the phone on three sides. In use if holds the phone firmly wherever she drives, nice and secure.
Just the bees knees
The S9 dash holder is just what I needed and arrived in NZ promptly. Thanks.
Branded option
I would always buy branded now after so many purchases not making the grade. This Samsung phone holder is quality.
Nice, but overpriced
This is a really robust phone holder, but over priced for what it is.
Very solid & stable
Very solid & stable
Great product and fast shipping
This product works great in my vehicle. I can mount different places and positions which does not obstruct my view. Highly recommend this product!!
Rock solid....but!
A perfect example of you get what you pay for.
Much more expensive than many other holders, but super strong and sturdy.

This is for my wife's Fiat 500. Other holders would wobble off her windscreen. This one has amazing suction.

We did not need the 3M supplied dash cup.

Only negative, we were holding a Galaxy S8 and being a more basic car I needed to have access to the audio port. Guess what, its covered up by the holder bottom lug.

Simple mod to carefully drill a 7mm hole to allow the Jack to be slotted up and through. Lost a star for this.

From all other considerations though, this is well worth the money.
One of the best phone holders I have purchased
All ready have one of these for my other vehicle so thourt I would get a second one for my other vehicle.
Works well
The windscreen mount works well, good reach on the stem. Pleased all round with the product.
Fits my Samsung phone a treat.
Used it recently to do a 300 mile round trip using google maps as the destination was a new build not yet on my satnav
Arrived quickly happy with product
Arrived quickly
It’s the only mount that works like it should , even do much better
Really pleased with this perchase, very stable and held my phone perfectly. Would certainly recommend.
A phone holder that actually works.
After trying other phone holders that didn’t work, phone falls out or holder won’t release phone, phone buttons compressed. It was a joy to have one that works. Fitted this to the windscreen and it’s still firmly in place. One button press to release or hold phone. Bottom support to stop phone slipping and the arms don’t block or compress the side buttons. The holder also takes the phone in its case, so you don’t have to remove the case to use the holder. I’d recommend this holder. I’m using a Samsung S7 phone in a combat case so it’s larger than just the phone and it works fine.
Fitted my phone
Quality item
Samsung product for Samsung products. It doesn`t get any better than this.
I purchased this item 1 month ago,and I am very happy with my choice. It's amazing how strong and ease to use it.definetly would recommend. Fast delivery and serios company. Thank you.
Sturdy and smart
Whilst a little bulky, this means that this is a solid mount that does not rattle in motion nor give when using the phone.
Good solid stable easy to operate.
Only one irritation. There is no provision for a lead to the jack plug. It does work but its not tidy
Solid mount but flawed
Solid mount but support lugs at the base cover up the headphone socket on the Samsung 8 so needs modifying to get a five star rating. Still a good buy with a bit of modification, not yet done on mine yet though.
Well made phone holder
I should have bought this product years ago - safe and convenient storage for mobile phone in the car.
Samsung phone holder
Nothing son recommended perfect very happy
Thought it would be good!
I have had suction holders before and the never stayed on. Thought that this one might be good as it is a Samsung. Guess What? It doesn't stay on either. Not impressed. I will have to drill through it and screw it on.
Very useful for holding my Samsung note 8 + cover
Easily holds phone with a cover and with my own USB charging cable inserted into the phone. Attaching and releasing of phone very quick. Attaching and releasing of holder is also very quick. Completely satisfied with purchase and use this with GO Sat nav app and a podcast or audible app as I drive.
Great product
Secure product that is easily fitter to the windscreen of our car. Fits both phpnes easily and is able to be quickly adjusted if need be. Quality product.
The device looks realy fancy and tough. It sits perfectly and firmly on my front glass in the car.
Thank you!
Works well - the clamp avoids all the buttons on my A9.
Quality item...
Excellent piece of equipment, being the Official Samsung kit you can really see the difference. Well worth spending the extra money
Quality Shows
This is a proper phone holder. Never mind your cheap ebay ones that wobble every time you hit a bump in the road, this is solidly made and worth every penny. But don't take my word for it, go out and buy yourself one!
issues with it staying on place
Works very well stuck to my window but did not stick to my dash board very well. Even the plate you get to stick on your dash board did not stay and had to glue it.
Great service
Product was as I ordered and service was speedy and professional
Perfect item -easily fits my Galaxy Note in perfectly .
Very good quality mobile phone holder.
Very sturdy holder with good range of movement allowing you to to the perfect angles to view. Fair price for good quality product. Quick and efficient delivery.
Robust bracket works well
That mobile would fit
This is reliable.It stays stuck down and never falls off.Its easy to take your mobile in and out as well.(Its just a click of a button to take it out).When putting mobile in it adjusts to the size of the phone so it fits any phone. Best phone holder ever. Its so good my Dad and sister brought one as well.
Excellent comparing to cheap knock offs
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