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Olixar Anti-Hack Webcam Cover for Phones, Laptops and Tablets - 3 Pack Reviews

Beat the hackers with this 3 pack of stainless steel webcam covers for your Laptops, tablets and smartphones. Quickly gain or deny access to your mobile devices' cameras with this sliding cover. An easy low tech solution to a high tech problem.
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Beat the hackers with this 3 pack of stainless steel webcam covers for your Laptops, tablets and smartphones. Quickly gain or deny access to your mobile devices' cameras with this sliding cover. An easy low tech solution to a high tech problem.
 4.2 stars from 56 customers

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Simple and effective
Just brilliant.
Must have purchase
Great product despite one not sticking to my mobile. Perfect for iPad and laptop. Had forgotten mobile had film protector over screen and unfortunately it came off before I realised it was missing.
Didn't receive.
Hi. I cannot review this product as I haven't received it. If it may show up one day,then I'll be happy to review it.
These work brilliantly and ensure your privacy preventing scammers using your camera to take over your computer, or attempting to blackmail you.
Closed spy
Helps to keep your privacy, on your phones and laptop. Many thanks
excellent, strong magnet
small in size, so unobtrucive
webcam covers
just what is wanted
Prying Eyes
Easy to fix and work fine. One of the discs popped out but was easy to slot back in. Works as stated so good value.
Good for single camera phones, not for webcams
These three covers use sticky tape to attach to your phone and a magnetic system to hold the sliding cover in place. They work well within their limits.
For me the biggest limitation is their size. As they are so small they really only work with the small cameras such as those on laptops or most front facing cameras on mobile phones. They could be difficult to fit on larger lens, stand alone webcams or multi camera phones without blocking some of the picture.
Good product
Does the job. A bit tricky getting it in the right position but apart from that, it's great!
These covers are not very good. It is just a round disc that slides in a retainer that does not retain it. It falls out very easily and if you have a screen protector on the phone it does not lie flat and lifts the protector off the phone glass.
Bought as a present
Sorry, can't really say as I haven't used it yet
Does what it says on the tin!
The users are happy with them, so that's all that counts. They are effective and good value. I'd recommend them.
Great, easy to use
Fast delivery.
Great product, so easy to use.
Perfect for what they do.
Camera cover
I'm using it for 3 laptops. You barely see it. Easy to use.
Very good glad to have them on phone.
They are quite good but I have an otter box so they are protected and don't fall off. One of the little discs that slide over came a bit loose I just put it back in place. Very handy and good price. I put one of the front and one on the back camera of my phone and the third on my laptop.
Can't go to far wrong with the price. Even if you wanted to try them out and they end up not being suitable.
I have a flip cover that covers my screen and the back camera is well protected so they don't get knocked off in my pocket .
Simple but very effective
The product is very easy to install and it operates simply and easily.
Web cam shield
Great little item very small and inconspicuous on front of phone easy to fit thanks.
Large security in a tiny cover
Doesn't interfere in any way with the functionality of my devices closure. Piece of mind at last
The magnet part comes off really easily - lost both in one day just from being in my bag/ pocket. I did not use them much ( open and closing) they just fell off.
The sticky part is ok but what's the point without the shutter?
Certainly Worth Buying
The description from mobilefun was sufficient to convince me that these covers were just what I needed.
stays put
these privacy covers do what they say and stay put - I originally puchased a different brand from a different site and got what I paid for, cheap covers that didn't stick and felt flimsy and sharp.
Simple, but the fixative doesn’t provide a fixed grip and these webcam covers move around a bit. The upside is they can easily be moved back into place. And no one can remotely open them.
3 in the pack - none fitted the iPad, the one one the iPhone fell off, never to be seen again, the same happened to the 3rd on, which fell off the desk whilst I was fiddling with the iPad one! The only survivor is on the laptop.... so an unhappy tale, quite the worst gadget I’ve ever bought from mobile fun or, indeed, anyone else!
A great little product. Does the job.
Phone camera cover
Arrived quickly,looked good.Adhered to phone well,but within two days,was broken.This is obviously not a quality product and I would not recommend to anyone.
really easy to apply and very effective.
Great privacy gadget
The wife is extremely pleased with this item, easy to use and quite unobtrusive it certainly fits the bill.
Works as described
The product was as described in the advertising.
Good idea
These lens covers are a good idea but some of them do not stick properly. This is my second set and hope these stick better. The Phones and laptop were absolutely clean, so no gease etc from fingers, perhaps the main problem is that they are so small so the adhesive is just not capable of holding them on. Apart from this the quality of the cover is very good.
Small but effective
Bought two packs so my daughter and I are covered with our laptops, phones and tablets. Easy to put on, very discreet and they don't interfere with the functionality of the equipment. Just a little bit of peace of mind when not using the webcam/selfie camera. Very good value and always a fast delivery.
Olixar anti hack web cam cover
Looks great. Have not tried them as they are a christmas gift.
Awsome seller. Thanks
A "must have"
Finally free from possible observers. This is, in my view, essential for every computer with a camera. It attaches easily and works perfectly. Why did no one think of this before?
Easy Added Security
Such a simple product that is easy to install and use. We have applied them to our mobiles, tablets and laptops - they just look like an original part of the item and the cover stays where it is supposed to.
Item as described and works well. Privacy is very important.
This product does what the seller suggests.
Buy .
Only for phones or tablets with cover cases
These do not remain in place on a phone without a protective front cover. It has on my laptop.
Really like you peace of mind that nobody is watching.
Works as intended and easy to install
Product does what it says on the website. Easy to install and use.
Great little gadgets
Told all I needed to be about it
Didn’t fit iPhone 8 and didn't stick. Waste of hard earned money.
They are excellent qua!ity and give my peace of mind whilst using my Fire 7 Tablet
These were the 3rd pack of this product, they are excellent qua!ity and give my peace of mind whilst using my Fire 7 Tablet, my Xperia mobile phone and Laptop, I would recommend them to everyone, delivery was very fast too.
Camera Covers
Easy to install on phone and tablet. The covers were not big enough to use with the built in camera on my PC.
HIgh quality slimline privacy device
The webcam cover is affixed with peel-back adhesive strip and uses magnetic s to keep the sliding cover in-place. Its elegant, effective and wont interfere with your screen protector or phone cover.
Excellent product.
These were my second set, I’ve recommended them to several people, they do the job they were designed for, just one niggle is that the rear facing camera on my iPad Pro is too prominent to take the cover but my phone and front camera on my iPad Pro are perfect, looks good and easy to install.
Totally unsuitable for my Xiaomi MI 5s mobile.
Ordered 2-packs but found that the Webcam Covers were unable to stick to the phone surface. This order was a total waste of my money.

MobileFun Reply
Hi Sean,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Camera cover, Would it be possible for you to contact our customer service department who will be able to assist you further with the issue you are experiencing?
Simple effective and very necessary
This is my second purchase of this amazing product. Place over your camera lense on smartphones, tablets and computers. It’s a great anti hack device to give you peace of mind.
Slimline, unobtrusive cover, works a treat.
Slimline, unobtrusive cover, works a treat. Good value 3 pack, one for the laptop, the others for work iphone and personal Galaxy smartphones. Doesn't stick out or get in the way and fits nicely on all 3 devices. Slides smoothly to open when using for Skype or selfies.
Magnetic function is not much help as the cover jumped to whatever chunk of metal it could find which wasn't near the camera in any of the 3 devices used. Self adhesive backing secured safely in the right place.
Will buy another pack for my 2 tablets.
Convenient Privacy
Better than covering the lenses of your mobile devices with adhesive tape. Magnetic and easily placed, the Oxilar Anti Hack Webcam cover can cover and uncover your lens with a flick of your finger.
great idea
these covers are a great improvement over the tape I had on my laptop but poor adhesive, I lost 2 within hours, I have one on my mobile phone and it works perfectly, I looks good and gives me privacy.
Perfect, doesn’t come affect use of the phone at all. Only thing is I hope it will stick back on when I have to replace my screen protector.
Recommend this product.

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