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Reviews for Olixar FlexiCover Full Protection iPhone X Gel Case - Clear

An iPhone X case that offers 360 degree front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
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An iPhone X case that offers 360 degree front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
 3.3 stars from 30 customers

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Can have annoying lumps
it interferes with the FaceID a lot due to the holes over the camera are not accurate (they sit too high up and cover the bottom half of the camera)

as an all round protective case its great, except the center can be a little hard to 'activate' and when using keyboard you must take your time with it to type as heavy handed or light touches do not register correctly, often the 'T' on your keyboard (dead centre) will fail to register at all, but the ones around it are fine.
(remove from case to confirm its not the digitizer broken)

the most annoying thing about it though, is there is a lump in the top left quadrant and i am unable to scratch it to remove it, it is part of the silica itself thus if I remove it, will make the issue worse for reading my screen.

Cannot recommend to anyone this case, great in concept, absolutely abysmal execution.
Excellent service
the product was as advertised and works properly with the phone...i ordered over a weekend and it arrived on the Monday!! V surprised and pleased.
It’s a great cover!
The front gel case makes it impossible to see my screen, and covers the camera and makes it blurry, I’ve had to cut it just so I can take a selfie????
Makes screen bery blurry
Case protects the phone well but makes the screen display very dull and hard to see, face recognition is also compramised works only 50% of the time.
Protection is the cases only use
Ive stopped using this case after 1 week
Nice quality and prompt delivery
Bought this for my daughter and she is very pleased with it, its nice quality, easy to put on and arrived very well packaged. Was delivered sooner than expected.
Face ID iPhone X does not work,top is not clear,so very bad visibility
MobileFun Reply
Hi Myro,

I'm sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with Face ID. We have tested this case and can confirm that it does work with Face ID, so I would recommend that you contact our customer services department for support on this issue.
This case makes your screen and camera look hazy
This case makes your screen and camera look hazy
Not great
This cover will keep your phone very safe but unfortunately it also obstructs the camera a little bit which interferes with the face recognition and spoils selfies. It also changes a beautiful looking screen into a duller one. I would advise buying a normal gel case and a protective glass anti shatter screen cover.
Very satisfied with the purchase it was just what I wanted to protect my new phone, thanks again
Good quality phone case
Poorly designed product
Seemed like such a good idea, covers the phone front and back, total protection. Issues are that it ruins the look and feel of the screen. Colours don't look right and the screen is dimmed with lots of little dots on it (these are inside the case) which are distracting.

The facial unlock will not work as the case partially covers the sensors and front camera (and yet it is fitted correctly).

My advice is get a glass screen protector and a separate case and don't waste your money on this.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Richard,

As mentioned on this products page, This case is covered with tiny dots to ensure that water marking does not affect the look of your phone.

If you have any more problems, please contact our customer service team.
Perfect fit
Very impressed with product. Only down side had to open up holes so that camera worked correctly.
Good case gone wrong
Initially looking at this case it seems like the perfect case, very think doesn’t add any bulk, discreet clear case, hardly know it’s there. However then you look at your screen and there are tiny dots all over the screen. Having bought a new iPhone X one looks forward to the crystal clear images on the screen however this case distorts that image with the dot design on the front case.
This case would be prefect had it not been for the dots all over the case, it makes it not useable, therefore a waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Anisha,

As mentioned on this products page, the inside of this case is covered with tiny dots to ensure ''water marking'' doesn't ruin the look of your phone.

If you have any more problems, please contact our customer services who will be happy to help.
As described
Came quickly fits really well and good quality
Very good protection
I have always protected my iPhones and so bought this when I ordered my iPhone X. It fits very well and gives good protection. In the past I have spent much more but this seems to give much similar protection for a far cheaper cost. Very pleased
Ultra slim but slightly flawed
This is a good cover in terms of it being slim and covering both the front and back of the iPhone. The only flaw in this product is the fact that the holes for the notch the top of the iPhone do you not exactly match. The result is that the face front camera ‘ghosts’ and face ID does not work as much, going to the plastic covering it every so slightly.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear about your problems with this case. Please ensure the case is fitted to the phone perfectly, otherwise the cut-outs can obscure the Face ID sensors.

If you have any more problems, please contact our customer services team.
Great cover with one annoying exception
I ordered this gel and and it arrived really quickly which was good because I couldn’t wait to get a cover for my iPhoneX, especially with all the horror stories of people cracking and scratching their phones on the first day.

So I get it out of the box. I love the way can interlock the front and back but then I notice a problem. My screen in dull. At first I thought it was just me so I remove the front and my screen resolution is fine. On closer inspection the front and rear parts of the cover have a speckled design from top to bottom. On the back it is not really an issue. But what’s the point of having a high quality OLED screen only for it to be muted by specks!

In the end I kept the back on and bought a clear glass cover for the front which has not affected the screen.
Good protection but spoils phone functions
A great case offering full phone protection but the openings interfere with Face ID function most of the time. The case also blurs the screen which spolis the higher resolution of the new oled screen.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Dave

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Please ensure the case is fitted to the phone perfectly, otherwise the cut-outs can (even if only slightly) obscure the Face ID sensors preventing them to function properly.

Hope this helps. Any more issues, please contact our Customer Services team.
Does what it says on the tin
Great product as described does the job and will protect my new phone - Thanks
This case is of very high quality and seems like it will fit perfectly.
An useful Gel case for iphone X
The iPhone X gel case ordered by me was received in time as stipulated and in an excellent packing. However, the case could not be used immediately since the iPhone X has not been released in Indian market. I hope the case will be a perfect cover for my new iPhone X.
Great Product
I have not used the product as yet as I am waiting on Apple to release the iPhone X. But as far as MobileFun, great company, delivered in expected time and product looks like it will wok well with the phone. Like that it covers the whole phone, to protect it from scratches.
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