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Olixar inVent Mini Portable Universal Air Vent Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

A superb portable car mount for almost all smartphones, attaching to any vehicle air vent and holding your phone steady and in clear view. It also acts as a viewing stand. Compact and weighing next to nothing, you can take this with you anywhere.
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A superb portable car mount for almost all smartphones, attaching to any vehicle air vent and holding your phone steady and in clear view. It also acts as a viewing stand. Compact and weighing next to nothing, you can take this with you anywhere.
 4.7 stars from 382 customers

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Very good product
Came quickly! Very easy to use and fits my phone perfectly.doesn’t slip out and is great.would definitely recommend thank you!im sorry I didn’t order more for my family. Look out for my next order soon
look great
simple but really look nice
Very useful
Works well and pleased with purchase
Great product
Great product, easy to use. I have a large iPhone and it fit perfectly. It arrived 3 days after I ordered it.
My Opinion
Product is unstable and does not fix firmly to air vent blade and wobbles. The weight of Samsung Galaxy A71 phone twists the phone making it difficult to read quickly. The expander to fit the phone is stiff to use.
Works well
Fits easily to my air vent and holds my phone steady when driving.
Brilliant Phone Holder
Perfect phone holder for car and doubles as a stand also
Nearly great
Well-made, but with no lateral rotation facility which can impair visibility if vents are not perpendicular to viewers eye-line.
Not a good product.
It's very hard to get the phone in and out of it. When I trying to take my phone out of the car holder the holder comes away from the heater, and one of the slats broke while I was trying to take my phone out.
In my opinion, I wouldn't recommend it.
Great product just as long you don't have your heat on bc it the heat will cause your phone to over heat. Overall good product. The grip is good.
Great product just as long you don't have your heat on bc it the heat will cause your phone to over heat. Overall good product. The grip is good.
Does the job well
It's tiny but works better than any of the other car mobile holders that I have tried.
Very happy with my purchase!
Easy to use
I’ve bought so many mobile phone holders and this is simple , strong and easy to use. Highly recommended
Olixar Car Holder
Fits all sizes of mobile phone......excellent!
Present request
Looks good, bought as a present. Came quickly and well wrapped. Good for the price.
It doesn't sit at eye-level but rather tilts down with the phone weight to rest on the radiator. However, this doesn't bother me as it didn't obstruct my view from the windscreen as did my other mobile holder
Air vent smartphone holder
Good, does as it says.
Great Product
This product is worth the money, its sturdy and holds the phone either upright or longways. I would definitely recommend.
Great little in car phone holder
Holds my Nokia 7.2 firmly in place for a long drive. Have used on big drives a couple of times. Whilst it is v small, it does the job perfectly and would highly recommend. Very easy to fit and use. Works a treat in my Polo air vents. Can perfectly position it so you can also charge on the go.
Pleased with this, arrived promptly and holds phone well.
Super product
This is a super product that works very well. Top quality and very quick delivery. Thanks
Perfect little gadget
I did quite a bit of research before buying this - I’ve seen the ones with a magnetic back which failed after a few uses and wanted something that I could remove easily and fit my phone in without taking it from its case. My Mercedes SLK has small air vents with a large tab in the middle but the mini portable fits very tightly and does the job really well. It’s very easy to attach and remove too.
Convenient Design
I was creating a phone holder for my kitchen. Works well, even though not how I planned. Functional and not intrusive.
Very good product
I was overjoyed when the phone holder came through the post .I couldn't wait to try it and I wasn't disappointed ,the holder stayed in place and did also .
Great device
Didnt realise that the arm expanded out to accomodate different phone widths
Great phone holder
Attaches easily to the vents and can also easily be removed when not in use. It is small yet sturdy. Holds my phone securely in place. Really impressed with the quality. Great value for money.
Does the jo.
Does what it says, easy to fix and phone stays put.
Good product, works well
Better than expected!
This smartphone holder does exactly as advertised, but better than I'd expected. The simple expanding clip holds the phone very securely and the well-designed clip on the back means it's very secure on the air vent.
Teeny tiny
I ordered this for my son’s birthday. I was just a bit shocked by the size of the box, it was teeny tiny . However my son loved it , so I’m happy.
Absolutely perfect
This is a neat and small holder but is very sturdy. It holds my iphone 6s perfectly in place and takes up very little space on the vent and the phone lies nice and flatly in place. Really pleased with this item would thoroughly recommend.
Very good
I wanted something that does the job and is unobtrusive
SMALL but perfectly formed
Does the job just fine !
Its a handy Gadget
A very convenient device.
Five stars
Bought as a gift, recipient very pleased with it.
Does the job
Excellent gadget!
Great little gadget
This is a great little holder that works in any orientation-super easy and unfussy to use
Very good simple product
Lived up to the desciption.
Olixar Mini Vent Phone Holder
Works well, Easy to fit, Keeps your Phone safe
Olixar InVent Mini Portable
The phone model that is supported by it as well as the size of phone and weight of the phone that it can hold
Just what I needed
Perfect little gadget in order to hold up my phone, and easy to fit on vent.
Very easy to adapt for use with all phones and in all cars
Simple and efficient
Clips simply to my air vent. Holds phone securely. Just what I wanted. Perfect.
The mobile holder works fine however, it depends what sort of air vent you have got in your car. The weight of the holder with the phone inside can push it downwards. I have played around with the location of the holder and it is working fine now.
Very handy item
Pleased with item. Easy to install and useful place to store phone safely , and to make/take calls hands free.
Absolutely ideal for our application
How it fitted but was very easy and useful
Simple but effective
Does the job well. Decent price.
Great Product
Good quality design and build. Comfortably holds Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.
Simple but effective
So easy to install, such a simple idea but it gives perfect position to view my phone
Amazing quality
Well well worth the money!
Phone holder
Very neat easy to fit
Works Great
Only had it 5 minutes but sellers always want a review before you have chance to road test a product properly.
So far so good, as described on web site and fits my Samsung S7 perfectly. First use in car with Horizontal vents went well although the top surface of Dashboard flared outwards at the top and meant I had to fit the holder in the bottom part of the vent or the grip at the back would not go all the way in resulting in phone wobbling and likely to fall down when driving.
Maybe a longer grip design could help or making it extendable.
Anyway the upshot was that the phone was now slightly out of view behind the steering wheel and I had to peer over it to check Nav Map.
Not the fault of the phone holder but a modified design might improve positioning issues in some cars.
Mobile car vent
Pleased with this product as is small, robust and has a powerful spring mechanism to hold the phone. The rubber coating is also good for grip. Would recommend.
Item is as described
Happy with the product and arrived quickly. But I think it's a little overpriced.
Really good bit of kit!
Very good and easy to use, good quality product.
Excellent little gadget , can go on the left vent in the middle or on the right of the steering wheel .
Genuine bargain !!
Perfect for the job
Does the job perfectly, holds the phone safely and at whatever angle needed. Securely sits in the vent. Small and neat if not in use.
Easy to use and portable
Fuss-free and easy to detach for use in another car
Brilliant product.
Would it hold my Apple phone. Yes it does perfectly
Really good little device. Fits my large phone even in it's case and is very sturdy.
Well made, unobtrusive & perfect for the job
Galaxy s10 fits snuggly into the spring-loaded clamp, which so far has retained full tension and so grips perfectly even on bumpy roads. Other end bites onto air vent- again no movement. Main attraction for me is it's small discrete design and so can just be left on and is barely noticeable. 10/10.
Not ideal, but can do the job
Construction is a little cheap. One of the parts fell of on its own and I had to re-attach it myself with some force.
Great just as described.
Nothing works perfectly very happy with purchase.
Thank you.
Great piece of kit
It fits my grill perfectly and doesn't move when my phone is attached!
Very easy to install. Much better than the ones that suction on the windscreen.
Very Good experience, but....
Ordering, delivery and overall product impression very positive. I was actually pleasantly surprised how small the holder was as it does not dominate the dash. One issue was that it grips the vent wings so tightly that when I removed it, the metal spines came off of the rubber holder. Easy enough to fit it back on. Perhaps an area of improvement in the next iteration?
Olixar smartphone car holder
Brilliant little gadget. Pleasure to drive the car as I felt confident thanks to this safe and secure device.
Very happy with this
It fits my Toyota very well...on all vents, so middle or side. Great to be able to use this rather than the old one I had that sticks to the windscreen...
Great design
A really simple little phone holder that actually works! The vents in my Mazda6 are round and thick so I’ve struggled to find a phone holder that will stay in place. This one is fantastic! It’s really well priced too. I’d highly recommend this.
Works well
A small unobtrusive design that grips very well onto the phone and vent. Does the job nicely.
Very Good
It is a compact unit which can be left on the air vent when the phone is not required or easily stoed away for future use.
Very solid
This product worked exactly as advertised. Very happy with the results.
Does what it said it would do!
Exactly what I was looking for and does the job well.
Mobile phone holder
What a fantastic very versatile product at what I think is great price, I always had phone on the passenger seat, but now I can see it properly , thanks.
Simply does the job
How easy it was to use
Spot on, can't fault it.
Excellent product. Great design, small and would fit almost any car. Its not big and bulky and in your face, like many of the other ones on the market. Can't fault it.
Simply excellent
A simple and sturdy bit of kit. Works perfectly well .
Excellent Car Holder
Really please with with tidy compact holder, holds the phone perfect so neat and tidy at a great price great would highly recommend.
Great product
This handy phone holder makes it so much easier to use Google maps whilst driving. Fits in the vent and adjusts to the size of the phone.
A bit too tight a grip for my liking...
The holder fits onto the grille well, but the tightness of the phone holder is very strong. Given most phones are quite wide, there seems little reason that the width of the jaws when closed is so narrow. When I put my phone into the holder the strong grip made me worry that the phone could be damaged. In the end I wedged the Jaws open with a strip of metal which mean I only needed to open the Jaws slightly to put the phone in. A bit of a convoluted solution, but it's a shame it was needed...
Great product
Second one of these that I’ve purchased as they are so useful. The fact that it rotates 360 degrees is what sets it apart from similar products.
Simple and very effective!
A well constructed item that is simplicity itself! My phone is held securely and the device sits firmly on the air vent slat. This relatively small item is perfect for travel and feels like it will last a long time.
First Class Service
The site was easy to navigate and when I made up my mind I ordered the product and received it by return. Put simply, professional.
Great purchase
Its probably the best on the market
Less obtrusive than sone of the bigger ones
It is very neat and portable and I’ve found it really helpful. Slight problem is that it only works well if your cars air vents are in the right place (mine sits slightly behind the steering wheel) but it holds my iphone SE and iPhone 6 tightly and in place yet it is easy to remove. It is coming apart a bit now so not sure how much longer it will last, but I have been using it for nearly 12 months and as it was so reasonably priced I will buy another one.
excellent and simple
A superb product that is simple and functional and takes up no space.
Initially great, but broke
I have a Kia Sorento with a small width vent. Initially it worked well. Easy to fit the phone in and the adjustable width of the phone holder section meant both my husband and I could use it for different phones. It did occasionally fall off the vent. After about 3.5 months it broke- one of the prong sections that clips around the prongs broke which is disappointing.
Perfect phone holder
This is fantastic product. Very simple but works very well. I ordered a second one for my husband's car.
Constructed to a high standard
This holder grips the phone at any angle. I found that the vent direction control on my car was not strong enough to support the weight of the phone, so the phone would hang down. But the grip is such that the phone can be tilted in the jaws of the holder so it visible and still remain secure.
Does what it should!
Excellent smartphone holder
Easily slides onto the air vent. Good value for money. Please note that phone can get very hot whilst using google maps (I have a Samsung A40). I used the smartphone holder on a long drive of about 8 hours and think it is best to release the smartphone holder from the air vent at the end of the trip. Can be used in any car.
very good
all i wanted to know was in the advert
Great holdr
It will not fit a large phone in a hard case but apart from that its great
Simple, flexible, unobtrusive, effective.
Not really suitable for circular air vents
simple but works
A phone will fit with a case around it but not one that is a wallet style.
Phone e holder
Bit small but does hold my A10 in place.
Simple to use....
Recommend it 100%
Its great very simple yet very usefull i tried everything from fancy holders to the glue ones but this is far best from all of them very simple definately recommend it i have a preety big device S10 plus it holds it very stiff even when i drive fast
olixar invent mini portable
Well built, simple, will sometimes hold a small Sat Nav, the must simple and best i've found.
Fit for purpose.does what it says.
Nothing. We knew what we wanted and it
Fitted our needs
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