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Olixar Magnetic Vent Mount Universal Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Vent Car Holder from Olixar. Extremely easy to install and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
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Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Vent Car Holder from Olixar. Extremely easy to install and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
 4.7 stars from 222 customers

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Excellent product
Good quality
Does the job
Item arrived very quickly, does the job and the magnet is strong
It's a phone holder
Does the job but a bit expensive for what it is
Does it fit securely into the vent and will my iPhone fix on to it firmly and stay in place? Yesss!!
Phone holder
Great product and very quick delivery, brilliant service
Magnetic air vent smartphone holder
This magnetic air vent in car holder from olixar is just the job for my Sony Xperia 1 mk2, good buy .
It's Fabulous!
Was sceptical at first especially as have had dozens of the more traditional clamped ones previously. Took a punt on this, easy to install into vent which had been sadly damaged by it's predecessors. The magnet itself does not secure phone, at least with a case on it so opted for the larger of the two magnets included (the rectangular one) to secure within the case on the back of phone and it works like a dream! Over the moon tbh...
Great Product ! Very sturdy and easy to attach.
All answered from previous reviews
Neat device
Very effective, keeps phone perfectly stable. I've had so much trouble with previous devices that need to be fitted to windscreen, this one keeps the phone near the driving position and is very secure. Very pleased.
Very sturdy magnet worth every penny
Very sturdy magnet worth every penny
Worth getting
Fits on the back of my phone perfectly, very sticky. Which is great. Magnets are strong, great for if your going over lots of pot holes, no phone falling on the floor due to it not being strong enough. Slots very simply into air vent.
The handiest gadget ever!
Its so simple, just stick the magnet onto the back of the phone and clip the mini device into the car vent and you're ready to go!
Useful addition.
Useful addition to have around if using a car other than your own. Fits in to air vent easily and magnet on phone holds it tight to the vent mount.
Only disadvantage to all these types of holders - i.e. those that need a magnet attaching to the phone, the magnet seems to prevent wireless charging.
Works great
Works great, just like the vid.
Phone mount
Great kit, magnets are very strong Does the job prrfectly
Fantastic ????
it really fits well in my is very economical and efficient.i would recommend anybody who needs it.i really need to mention about their fast delivery.i didn't expect it.i got it next day.fabulous service.keep it up.thanks
Good Quality product and delivery was right on time
Does exactly what it is supposed to do.
Easy to fit, back plate sits between the case and the back of the phone (you don’t even have to use the adhesive) and the magnet has a good strong hold.
Product was so good would highly recommend
Dead Easy
Price, ease of use
Very happy with my purchase. Good price, does the job well and looks good.
Really good quality. Does as it should, very sturdy product and holds my phone well.
Great Phone Holder!
Magnets! How do they work? No idea but they are a great way to secure your phone Horizontally, Vertically, whichever way you want. It gives a very secure attachment while being easy to remove once you reach your destination. Forget other phone holders this the one that you want.
Very effective
This magnetic phone holder works really well. Absolutely no falling off once it's on, and very easy to turn mobile horizontal or vertical.

Now the magnet didn't work with my phone cover on - but this is because it has a built in stand which makes the cover thicker than most. So that's the cover not the holder.

Also, the disc which sticks to the back of the phone seems to stop Q charging. I rarely use that, so not a problem for me, but something to be aware of.

I just slip my phone out of its cover and straight onto the holder and it is firmly held with no movement or slipping.

Highly recommend.
Just as Described, Strong Magnet
Strong magnet, versatile for different types of vents, holds my large/ heavy P30. Highly recommend
As it says on the tin.
Exactly what they said. Perfect. No more sticking my phone to my windshield.
My purchase of the Olixar was as a result of much YouTubing. It's discreet, fits perfectly, interchangeable between cars and work fabulously. MobileZap customer service has been second to none and they're to be commended.
Great product!
Great product, phone doesn't budge when attached to magnet, highly recommend.
very good product. magnet v strong. phone doesn't move an inch.
Simple and effective
The magnetic vent mount was very easy to install and it works great. I was worried that the magnet might not be strong enough when going over bumps with my truck but I have been using it now for a week and a half and the magnet holds my phone in place very securely. It's a good product especially for the money.
Best phone holder I have had
Definitely the best phone holder that I have purchased. Brilliant magnet. Would recommend it to anyone
Hope you find this one. The others are crap.
Very Good
Just what I wanted.
Excellent product
A simple, well designed product that works really well. I like the discrete design, it sits on the phone vent almost unnoticed. The vent clip is strong and secure and the magnet holds the phone firmly. I like the ease of use, it is easy to slap the phone onto the holder when getting into the car and equally easy to grab it as you get out. I have had no issues with either the vent clip or magnets causing the phone to fall. An excellent product. The positioning on the air vent makes the phone easy to access and read too.

I would point out that the metal plate that attaches to the back of the phone does interfere with wireless charging, but not an issue for me and I'd rather have this mount and cable charge than use other, poorer mounts. I have also found that if you attach the metal plate to the inside of the case (rather than the back of the phone itself) you can just pop it out of the case if you still need wireless charging.

All-in-all an excellent product and speedily supplied by MobileFun.
Device works great. Circular magnetic strip was useless , but larger one is perfect
Only just started to set this up - when I have tried it out, I may even buy two more !!
Great little gadget
I wasnt sure if this gadget would hold the weight of my IPhone plus, but its great. Phoone stays connected to the magnet, even when driving off-road.
smartphone holder review
This is a good product which works well - a few more magnets to allow various mobile phones to use it would be the only improvement I could suggest
This is a great product! Makes it so easy to hold your phone...I love this product as I do Uber...
Fantastic product
Delighted with this purchase. Magnet is strong enough to hold the phone perfectly. Would definitely recommend
Excellent product I had already bought one on the site previously.this time I bought it as a present for a loved one
Nothing really the product is pretty self explanatory
Replaces a sprung edge-of-phone clamp. This is so much easier and doesn't need two hands to use it. Just put the phone near the magnetic mount and it is sucked into place. Brilliant.
Great product
Great product. Sleek, unobtrusive, works well. Even bought a second one for my wife’s car. Highly recommended.
What a great bit of kit . Comes as described and works.
This is the BEST fitting for the phone I have used.
Would recommend to anyone !!!!!!!!!!
A Quality product that does exactly what it is intended to do.
Had all the information I required prior to purchase. Professional company, interface and delivery.
Easy to use and works perfectly
Don't need to say anymore than that
Brilliant product and service!
This is such a simple and inexpensive product that I have to admit I doubted its effectiveness prior to receiving it, but OMG its brilliant! Definitely recommend this gem! ;)
Good but not if you use NFC functions
With my Samung A5 2017 I found that the magnets interfere with NFC payment function namely Google pay. I tried moving the smaller circular magnet away from the NFC aerial and there was still interference with main aerial function. Good for someone who does not use NFC.
Good Product
Everything was explained as it was advertised
Works perfectly
Very good product! It has an extremely strong hold on my phone and it is as simple as just putting my phone up against it to stick with the magnets and then using a couple hands to pull it back off.
Item as described
Item as described and quickly assembled, good steady holding position
Fantastic mobile holder
This is a great firm holder for your mobile, you can have it vertical or horizontal. Holds the mobile very securely.
CAR phone holder -Olixar Magnetic Vent Mount
Works well enough for me...particularly easy to attach both mount and even more easy to attach phone and remove phone from magnetic "holder".
definitely makes google maps easier
Olixar magnet car phone holder
Pretty good product. Worth the money
Very good
Very good
a good deal
The magnet carries a Samsung Galaxy phone. I put the large magnet on the back of the phone and remove the phone holder when I am using the Olixar. Since my car vents move, I need to place the holder and the phone so that the vent will not move while the phone is held by the Olixar..
Simple but works great
So i've used the product for a few days and i'm blown away. Then i decided to show it to my wife and no word of a lie just as i say to here it never falls off the phone pops off onto the floor. The heat from the vent melted the glue on the disc shaped magnet causing it to loose it's adhesion. The magnet didn't fail the glue did. Can be worked around but looses a star for that.
Really good product, work well and safe.
Really works
Easy to. Fit easy to use easy to remove without leaving any marks like some other systems
One causion is to check you have vents that are in clear view and not obscured by the steering wheel
Very good product
It's very easy and simple to fit and to use
Very effective good strong magnet holds phone firmly in place
This was my second time purchasing this product gave it as a present for my girlfriend
Great company to deal with
I was happy that I had my own research done
Good Product
Very small and easy to use!
Great product
This is a very strong magnet, it holds even the heaviest phone. Good size magnet contact for the back of the phone. Contact holder itself slots into the airvent and is a good size. Overall a great purchase and reasonably priced.
Never Falls Off
The Magnet holds the phone like a rock with others that have no magnet the chance of falling was 50/50. Excellent product
Really neat and effective
So simple to use and set up
Works well
I put the magnet inside my thick rubber phone case and it adheres to the vent mount car holder really well.the mount is small and very neat, not in your face, very subtle. Love it.
Best accessory I’ve ever bought for my phone
I’ve been sceptical about these car magnets, having read reviews about car magnets melting or snapping due to weight or if the vent is on. I can honestly say and Olixar I am very very impressed the magnet is strong enough to hold my large iPhone XS Max in any position. Completely eliminates the need for a car phone holder blocking your windscreen. Cheap, convenient and looks great, I get in my car and just tab my phone against the magnet and it holds it firmly in place.
Good buy
Magnets need to be stronger but dose the job
This product is strong holding the phone and not bulky in anyway. I'm very pleased with the purchase and my mum bought one too.
The most amazing product!
This product is perfect for its purpose and working perfectly!
The customer service is amazing! I reccommend buying from them because their assistance is available and serious. Amazing product and amazing staff! Thank you thank you thank you!
Does the job perfectly.
Easy to install and works perfectly for holding my new iPhone XS.
Good fast delivery. Product as described. Will use again.
Great idea easy to use
My daughter told me about this system as she has the same one
I haven’t been diaponted with my purchase. It’s great when I driving it acts as a sat nav holding my phon with the magnet
Fantastic Product
This product is fantastic. Strength is great- holds in place and does everything it's meant to do.
Ok if you don’t mind your phone being heated from the vent..
As my car only has a few small air vents, I should have thought ahead before buying this gadget. With colder weather here, my heater is on in the car, also heating my phone. My phone also fell off the magnet when turning a corner.
Great we job
The pic told it all
Best phone holder I’ve had!
I’ve had trouble with suction & vent holders in the past.
Was hoping this would be a turn around and I was right!
The vent grip on the back of the mount is very tight & grips the vents well, coupled with the provided magnet strip in the back of my phone case, the hold is very very strong.
I have the 7+ with a thick heavy duty work site case on & im able to have my phone veritcal or horizontal while going over bumps etc with no sign of it coming off.

Best part is the quick and easy mount and dismount with it just being a place on & pull off movement.

Would recommend if you’re sick of naff phone holders for your car.
Simple and effective
This works really well v strong magnet keeps the phone in place. Easily removed and repositioned. Great piece of kit.
great little gismo
Great product as described, does the intended job
Great quality, phone stays in place
Good quality product, phone stays vertical and horizontal. Doesn't fall down at any point, highly recommended
Not even slightly magnetic.
Would have been better sticking my phone to the dash with blue tack- a much cheaper and more effective option.
excellent product, very pleased.
Very happy with information, and description.
No good
No good with my cars air vents, doesn’t sit correctly and falls off with my phone when driving, Ford mondeo 2017 and galaxy note 9.
Nice product but unfortunately the magnets aren’t strong enough so it only worked if I took my phone case off, I’ve returned it.
Great invention
This product serves it's purpose perfectly. The magnet is strong enough to withstand pot holes and speed bumps yet easy to remove and attach phone. Works through phone cover and I didn't even use the adhesive patch, simply placed the magnet between cover and back of phone. The magnet is slim enough for my bumper phone cover to still fit over edges of phone to protect screen. Grips the vent without scratching and is compact so I leave it in place all the time. My car has 2 different sized vent blades and this gadget fits both without distortion. Excellent quality and value for money product with fast & free delivery. I have recommended this company and this product to my friends and family, My mother is planning to buy one for all of her grandkids who do not have sat nav and Bluetooth built into their cars. Thank you Mobile Zap for your great service and communication ☺️
Good product
The product has only bern in use for a fw days but so far appears to be reliable and does exactly as described.
look good
The item was bought as a gift for family member.
Very strong phone holder
The description doesn't quite say it but it comes with the magnetic plate for your phone
It works!
I found the instructions easy to read and execute. Then put it into practice and it worked! The only thing not to do is to accelerate suddenly or it might fall off.
Does what's it's meant to and easy to mount in the car.
Hand device
Works well. Can go in any vent which is useful when visual access is limited.
Good magnet.
Does exactly as I expected
Does the job
So far I've used it in 3 different vehicles, both horizontal and vertical vents, and it's worked perfectly. Easy to carry when travelling and fits in seconds - does exactly what you need it to do
First class
Fits perfectly into vent and hilds phone tight without any vibration - fantastic when using google maps
Would highly recommend
Small enough to easily carry when using a hire car
Very good
I kept my phone case on and attached the magnetic plate to the back of the casing. I did have my doubts about whether the phone would stay attached to the mount but so far it has been fine.
I have a lancer and it fits great in the air vent and holds the phone still while I drive
good product which fits its purpose well.
I am pleased with the product and have used it on a long journey where it worked really well. I would recommend it.
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