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Reviews for Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case Compatible Glass Screen Protector

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass curved screen protector, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves enough space for a case too.
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Keep your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass curved screen protector, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves enough space for a case too.
 3.1 stars from 36 customers

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Good quality Item
quality is good, but stuggling with the figure print.
Great item. Could only find one at MobileFun
This is exactly the type of screen protector that I wanted. I searched around on Amazon and eBay and found ones that were very sub par. This was way better and only available on MobileFun.
Not worth buying - rubbish
I bought this expensive screen protector (Over £10 each) instead of the previous ebay ones I had bought (£5 for 2 of them) because they never worked with the fingerprint scanner properly.
I installed this exactly as per the instructions and made sure there was no dust or anything to inhibit the protector adhering and it is just the same, the fingerprint scanner doesn't work. Totally rubbish.
It has a black circle where the finger print scanner is and it doesn't settle flat there is a glue substance obscuring the reader. You are better off buying the ebay 9h ones which are 4 times cheaper and still protected my phone when I dropped it.
Odd circle in middle of glass
Real shame, there a big circle in the glass over the finger print scanner, which ruins the whole thing as it can be seen all the time!
Too Thick
Fingerprint activation doesn't work because the glass is too thick. Have ordered one from Samsung.
Second one works TOO
Thought i had done serious damage. First bent screen gradually starring.
Bough complete case and screen, only the bent out screen starring
Glass screen protector
These screen protectors are terrific, I dropped my phone onto cement and the screen cracked but it protected the actual phone screen
Does the job
Install was easy, though it doesn't quite fit the whole surface of the screen, there are small gaps lengthwise. Touch sensitivity is lower as well. Overall performs fine.
5 out of 10
Your advert says that it's compatible with the in-screen finger print reader with the Samsung s20, it's not, it doesn't work and it's to brittle, I took my phone out of my pocket and it was cracked in two days and it's now in the bin.
Not happy
Please do not buy this. I have completely lost fingerprint unlock feature. There always round shaped spot in the protector. It is annoying and uncomfortable to watch things on screen. This is an honest review. Please don't waste your precious money.
Screen protector review
Not really pleased with my purchase.

The finger print scanner won't Work with the screen protector on.
I have to press hard on parts of the screen for it to work.

Easiest Install But ......
This would have to be one of the easiest glass screen protectors I have ever installed on a phone, but once it was on, I noticed a sticky circular mark on the adhesive side of the screen protector.
I brought 2 of these screen protectors so my partner would have one also, and his too has this odd sticky circular mark on the adhesive side of the screen protector.
I'm not happy with how this makes the phone look, so I guess I've just wasted $$$ and what makes things worse, I was on a NZ website, but the goods have to be shipped for the UK. It took 5 weeks to receive the screen protectors.
I'm left unhappy with my purchase :(
I have had many phone covers. This is THE best on the planet. Ivdropp3d my phone on a main road as I was chasing my puppy who had escaped. I caught my dog and noticed my phone had fallen out of my pocket onto the main road. Unbelievably a double decker bus ran right over the phone. Smashed to pieces you would have thought??? To my disbelief there was not one mark on my amassing S20! I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Guys if you are going to buy an expensive phone! Make sure you buy this product!!!
On time delivery
I am glad to receive the order on time and with a decent quality.
Mine was faulty
Protector seemed good. I've had Samsung screen protectors before with tempered glass and they do the job. Didn't get chance to use this it arrived faulty and for the price it costs to return it and get my money back didnt seem worth it for 8 quid.
Should have believed all the previous reviews.

After smashing my screen with a TPU cover, wanted to try a glass screen protector. This one has pretty much disabled the fingerprint recognition.

Feels ok, applied ok, but after less than 3 days got the dirty condensation looking around the fingerprint sensor.

Would not recommend if you want to use fingerprint recognition.
Don't waste your money
This screen protector is an absolute joke. As soon as I applied it, I couldn't use my fingerprint despite their being a "dedicated" spot for fingerprints. It claims to be smudgeproof yet my screen is constantly covered in marks that I need to clean with a soft cloth.
I just took the protector off for good, don't waste your money on this trash.
Arrived quickly and fitted wellish inside the plastic case protector.
NO NEED TO BUY THIS ITEM as phone is pre-supplied with a tempered glass cover. Now removed from phone.
Retailers should have this knowledge and therefore not offer the protector which, by the way, was plastic and not tempered glass.
Not a good buy
There will be a thumb sticker for the fingerprint sensor that is not shown clearly in the illustration. Protector adheres to the phone from the sides only so it slipped off within the 1st week of usage
Customer service
Excellent customer service and swift responses. Sadly the replacement screen protector didn't allow finger print to work. But is a good screen protector otherwise. Thank you sending the free replacement and refunding my original cost. I wouldn't recommend this product if you want to use fingerprint on your phone, but I would recommend Mobile Fun as a company to buy from. All my other products ordered were great and fit for purpose.
Replacement broke after one day.
Changed protector to an esr screen protector off Amazon still on no marks
3 stars as customer service was good.
Fingerprint doesn't work as the protector is too thick
Where you put your fingertip there is a very visible blemish on the screen
Excellent product
I would have wanted to know how thick the protection is because I wouldn't have even looked t others. I really like the product.
Glass Screen Protector
Well, this is my second glass screen protector, due to upgrading my phone. To say the least this product delivers all that it states. It has saved my phone twice now and to that I am grateful.
Very easy to apply, as well as being very easy to keep clean. Once I set up my fingerprints after applying it, worked quite well. Am happy with the product and the service from Mobilezap.
Highly recommended.
5 weeks of use
The screen protector worked for 5 weeks before it first cracked which quickly spread from the middle to the bottom. Within 2 weeks of use dust had gotten under the screen protector and I could not get rid of it. The little clear circle near the bottom of the protector also built up condensation leaving a constant colourful blur i was unable to dry up. Glass protectors in the past have lasted me 35-45 weeks each but not this one.
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