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OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Glacier Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 6S / 6 with the toughest and most protective case on the market - the glacier OtterBox Defender Series.
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 4.8 stars from 61 customers

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This I phone case is awesome. It does what it says on the package. Quite difficult to fit but that adds to the safety functionality of the case. I would definitely recommend this case for everyone who works in industry.
same as last 1
same old same old
Robust but not bulky
Impressed with it's level of protection. It's robust ,sleek and a great colour. Ideal cover for children and teenagers giving parents peace of mind.
Big and strong
Tough looking case with integral screen protector gives the impression that it would give more protection than most. Haven't dropped it yet so watch this space.
Easy to fit with some buttons uncovered and three accessible only by lifting a hinged rubber flap. Not convinced about these. With repeated use I would not be at all surprised if the rubber hinges broke. The one which will get the most use, covering the socket for the charger cable, has the additional disadvantage of not opening quite far enough , making plugging the cable in a very fiddly and annoying task.
Amount of padding makes a quite large phone even less pocket-friendly than before but people with big paws like me will find that it fits nicely into the hand.
Belt-clip is easy to fit and seems secure but so far I haven't practiced enough to be able to get the phone out of it in a hurry when it rings.
Very good
I am very pleased with this product
Protection at its best
For years I use the same protection for my devices. This is the best you can get. The only little thing about, it is a bit clunky but after a day you get used to it! Top!!!
Fantastic product
Bought the Otterbox for my husband for his iPhone 6 ,he is in the building trade and needed a good cover .What a fantastic cover,best ever and it's worth every penny.We would highly recommend this product and have showed it to many friends.
Genuine case
This is a very good, genuine Otterbox case. The only downside is that it's not available in more colours.
sturdy , protects all corners
protects the phones vulnerable parts , however!!! the screen cover got scratched after 2 days and now there is a long mark that looks like water/grease which is very annoying and makes it harder to be able to see my screen ! it makes me want to change my case :( , very disappointed thought it would be more resistant
Excellent product
The Otter case is very impressive, really well made, feels like quality in the hand, better than I expected it to be - recommend to anyone.
Teen proofed
This cover does what it's supposed to do - protects an expensive phone from becoming an even more expensive phone after dropping whilst in the hands of a teenager - fits well, don't particularly want to throw it to prove it's worth but certainly seems very sturdy - wish there were more colours as grey doesn't quite cut it on the girly front - but no cover = no phone so grey it is
Excellent product
The Otterbox for my new iPhone 6s is very well made, fits perfectly and the phone functions are affected at all by the very high level of protection. A great buy.
exactly what i wanted
great cover fits really well. dose not make it heavy easy too fit
Great Product
This is a great product. I have used Otterbox Defender cases for my past phones and tablets and they have survived knocks, bumps and even drops. Take your phone out and it looks brand new. Perfect for what I need it for.
Very well made
The otter box defender phone case does what it says on the box ,and the service I received from MobileFun was 1st class. I would recommend them to anybody and also will be shopping with them again.Thank you.
I love this product, so far. I've only recently bought it. I have dyspraxia & quite often drop my phone, it has been replaced twice since this June. The case is easy to use, aestheticly pleasing & does its job. Worth every penny. Kisses
The OtterBox defender case may not be the prettiest but as far as I'm concerned it offers the best protection for my equipment
This is with out a doubt the best case I've ever bought , my last case was a Ballistic Tough jacket and this has much better protection against dust and knocks it also fits much better.
Best Case Ever!
Ever since the iPhone 4 I've used Otterbox Defender cases. That was 4 phones ago. The Otterbox Defender case is my first purchase after the phone. Every phone I've ever traded in looks brand new because of the Defender series of cases. They keep dirt and grit out of the phone, protect the screen, and prevent damage from rain or casual splashes. They aren't waterproof but I'm not prone to immersing my phone so I don't actually need a fully waterproof case.

Their product is second to none as is their customer service. Six months after buying a case for my iPhone 5 the best of rubberised outer layer of my Defender case began to get tacky and peel a bit. I contacted Otterbox and they sent me two new outer cases, for free. The company has amazing products and amazing customer service and you won't go wrong buying and using the Otterbox Defender case.
Its an otterbox what more needs to be said
Ive purchased otterboxes before for the galaxy note 4 and I was more than pleased. I chose a waterproof case for the i phone 6 but the sound quality was distorted so I went back to the trusty otterbox.
The case takes a serious amount of bashing and dropping and still the phones work fine.
The case is solid plastic with a rubber skin that wraps round it. It also has a screen protector that locks on to stop your screen getting smashed. Which doubles up as a belt clip and stand that swivels round to various posisions.
All in all a very good phone case
Very good, sturdy case!!
Case is as described. It's not a slim or pretty case but it serves a purpose in protecting your phone. If you want to preserve the sleek look of a phone this isn't for you but if you want the ultimate protection then look no further!!! Great value.
Protects the phone
Had theses cases for iPhone 4s 5s and now 6s does what it says protects the phone
You might think £40 expensive for a phone cover but this is worth every single penny. (I have exactly the same case for my iPhone 5c too) I will always use Otterbox covers for any devices I have. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
Good Case
Had this type of case on an iPhone 4s previously and was happy to a point - the built in screen protector got scratched very easily. That said popped it out and instant new lease of life.
Anyway out of the box this one looks good so far. Slight difficulty getting it apart initially (probably not a bad thing really) but then simple to fit. Good balance of feels well protected but without excessive bulk.
Wouldn't be without
I'm careful with my phones but accidents happen. I'm outdoors a lot, walking or at the stables etc. I don't see the point of having an expensive piece of kit and not protecting it. The Otter box is quite stylish and I don't worry about the phone.
Protection yes! Practical no!
This case will protect your phone, no doubt. Its solid and fits well. However it will ruin the athetics of your phone and the plastic screen protector that is built in is not the nicest to type on, my thumb id works about 80 percent of the time, mainly due to the bulk of the case stopping you from getting a good reading.
The flaps which protect the ports are so stiff and chunky they are just annoying, to the point where its a struggle to use the silent toggle switch and put charger in. Unless you text whilst walking a tight rope or juggle with phones whilst cementing walls i wouldnt bother with this. Its much more bulky and clumsy than the picture suggests. Go with the commuter series... This case is just too much.
Great case
Really well made and thought out tough case. Screen cover is flawless you just don't know it's there. Fraction of the cost of a lifeproof, better designed, nicer to use. Only down side is not waterproof.
OtterBox Defender
Great item. Perfect for my builder hubby. He can drop it in a bucket of cement and it will come out smelling of roses !
Robust and perfect for the job, if a little bulky.
Tried and definitely tested!
I had purchased an otterbox defender for my iPhone5 2 years ago. As a tiler by trade, it has been exposed to dust, adhesive, splashes, knocks, drops, and general abuse and the phone still looks as new.
It does not compliment the phones slim profile, but, if it is going to save a costly phone getting damaged or broken it is a compromise worth taking!
I think the new case for the iPhone6 is slimmer than that for the 5 so better proportioned.
The otterbox may be dearer than most, but it is money well spent.
A sturdy bit of Kit protects the phone well with not adding to much bulk to it the built in screen protector is good and clear, you can still use the Touch ID with it
Excellent as Always
I had a iPhone 5 and had a OtterBox Defender case and I loved it did the job perfectly so when I got my upgrade I knew immediately what I needed the case fits the phone perfectly and is slightly redesigned in a improved way in my opinion would definitely recommend.
For all those iPhone 6 want for work, not only for play.
If you want the beauty of the iPhone, do not buy it. You will kill design. BUT: If you have iPhone because you want used it and not worry that you will fall, bows, will be dirty, scratched etc., it's an excellent choice. The case is strong and solid, not have to worry about your iPhone just throw in your bag or backpack. It survives. I use it in my car and bus (I am drive), because often falls to the ground :) It's not for frequent replacement SIM, cover very well kept. The price is high, and I do not enjoy it, but I was not quality alternatives. I'm happy. I also had on iPhone 4s and iPad mini. Just it's a case for everyday use for anyone who has iPhone TO USE and not only for beauty/design/brag.
Great item. Great price. Fast Delivery
Great item.
Exactly what I'm looking for and did not wait long for delivery THa perfect case to protect my phone
Great protection
Great kit and good price
Fast reliable service from mobile fun as always
Yet Again
To be honest I only use you for my mobile phone items,I have been using you for these things for many years, never brought a duff item, the service is always first class and quick . This was my must expensive item I think have purchased , but having just put it together very happy , it's strange as I use amazon for a lot of my online purchases but for mobile phones items I believe you cant be beaten even with the postage.
Fantastic product
After some research on different cases I went with the otter box.
I have since dropped my phone in this case without a scratch. It's a little bulky but so worth it and not having to buy screen covers every other month is awesome.
Once I worked out how to separate, it was simple to fit to my precious iPhone 6, makes the phone a bit bulky, but if your going to pay several hundred pounds for a phone, then protect it, this does the business, not that I throw imy phone about, but if accidentally dropped, huge relief when you pick it up, and not a mark.
This does what it says in the tin!!!
The LandRover of the phone case world!
Definitely the case of choice if protection is your priority! The case encloses the phone including the screen and really gives you confidence it's safe! I'm sure it won't be bending in my pocket with this puppy fitted! I bought mine having been shown an iPhone 5 kept in a defender which was owned by a farmer and used for almost two years without a scratch. If you're a tradesman, buy it! Comes with a belt clip which I wouldn't feel safe using, looks like the phone could fall out without you noticing but the case doesn't add much to the overall size of the phone and easily slips into your pocket. So, so glad I got one!
The best.
This case is fantastic I've had iPhone from the start and used otter box for last three phones. Completely protects phone and is not bulky or restrictive. My iPhone 6 has been dropped, sat on and dropped again in the last few weeks since buying it and phone fine.
There's no better case for your phone.
New slimmer Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6
As a keen mountain biker and walker, I've always used an Otterbox Defender to protect my iPhone, which also carries my OS maps, courtesy of Memory Map, from the rain that we get so much of here in Mid Wales, as well as from any accidental knocks and drops. The only trouble is that it makes your cool, slim iPhone look like the proverbial "brick"! However the latest Defender for the iPhone 6 has had a bit of a make-over: the slanted sides make it look slimmer, while still offering maximum protection. How well the various flaps that allow access to the lightning charge and earpiece sockets will last, time will tell. But at least your new iPhone won't look like a brick. In fact, if anything, it will look more like a 6plus!
Protection - Snug and Confortable
On unpacking the case it was quite difficult to remove the flexible outer case. Had it been easy then the function would have been impaired. Very easy to fit the iPhone into the case, a snug fit and well sealed once the screen protector & outer case were fitted. Affords great protection against falls or drops with little impact on the performance of the touch screen. A small price to protect the iPhone against the trials of everyday life.
Otterbox it or drop it.
The amount of smashed iPhones I've seen makes me wince, especially the new iPh6 which acts like a bar of soap in some peoples hands!
Bring on the Otterbox Defender. Rugged & grippy it makes your iPh6 feel "Bomb Proof" though I don't want to test that, though it will withstand a drop test I believe.
Solid and dependable, though does add quite a lot of bulk to the phone, which doesn't bother me but will some. Size isn't everything, and an iPhone in bits won't impress anyone!!
Buy one!
Otterbourne iphone6
Great phone case better than most nice colour slimmer than I thought but not being waterproof not as good as the life proof case
Sick of cracked screens
Otterbox has some tiny snags like a wee bit footery plugging in charger & earphones (no more than most other covers I've used) & the skin covering thumb print scanner is thinner than the screen cover but still takes a few attempts to read thumb print (easy fix as it can be peeled off so that problem solved easily) I'm an engineer so often in dirty & wet situations & every other I phone I've had I've broke screens the otterbox is plenty strong so if you are in a manual job on site worker etc get yerself one of these
Great job
Very satisfied.Will happily use you again.
It's about time someone weaponised a smartphone case. This case is SOOO tough; what #bendgate? Not with this case in place, it's astounding! Love the construction and the holster/kick stand but if you want reliable access to fingerprint access, remove the little sticker.
Otterbox case
I bought this case because I have used otterbox defender cases before and I feel they are the best way to protect your iPhone without making them overly bulky. They give access to all the functions of your phone and have a useful belt clip which I use when at work. I would highly recommend them to anyone no matter what phone they use put simply a top product.
Great case
I have had previous otterbox cases for my iphone 4/5 and the case for the 6 is by far the best. It's a very robust case and you can still use the fingerprint i.d. It does bulk the phone a bit but worth it knowing your iphone is safe. 10/10 The best.
Great Product
this case is great! protects my iPhone well at work as i work on building sites, would definatly recommend this case
As always, quality
I've always stuck with Otterbox and as always.. These are perfect. Highly recommended

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