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Pama Qi Wireless Charging Windscreen & Dashboard Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled smartphone in-car with this wireless charging car holder. Securely position your device in either portrait or landscape all while enjoying convenient and efficient Qi wireless charging.
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Wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled smartphone in-car with this wireless charging car holder. Securely position your device in either portrait or landscape all while enjoying convenient and efficient Qi wireless charging.
 4 stars from 48 customers

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Not great
This is the 2nd purchase fo this holder. The sticky pad doesn't last more than a few months.
Great gadget
I bought this about a month ago for use in the car as it has limited mobile technology and no sat nav. I have it fixed to the windscreen so I can use the map function and at the same time keep my phone charged. I have to make sure my phone is placed on the holder in a particular place to enable the charging function.
Pama QI Wireless Charging Car Holder
The item is exactly what it says it is, however it does keep pausing the charge whilst using my Note 20 Ultra regardless of what charger i'v plugged into Cigarette Lighter
Unit all good great suction on the suction cap charges the phone well. The only weak only point is getting the phone into the holder is a little awkward needs a release button to make it easier.
Does the job but not great
This has been 3rd brand one that has troubles to sticking on the dash. Is there a brand out there that can actually stay stuck on the dash?
Charges well, Fins are really tight so u need to force the open to put mobile in
Great product
It sticks well to my wind screen and holds on well over bumps. My phone charges well and the clips hold it securely.
Great product
this is a nice product charging works great.
this item is not compatible for all car models as the product does not sit well on the dashboard near the drivers side. It was very difficult to adjust.
Very handy, works perfect
Simple, cheap, solid and reliable phone holder/charger. Would definitely buy again. Recommended.
Good product
V.good product
Wireless Charging
Product works well and serves its purpose
Good in principal!
I have had the vent mounted version of this charger, which eventually stopped working, so thought I'd replace it with the windscreen version. Firstly the sucker is also sticky, but ridiculously, super sticky. So if like me, you need to take it out your vehicle every day, it's a nightmare, and you have to pry it off the windscreen, which I'm sure will shorten its life span. This also has different lights on it, glowing red when your phone isnt mounted, and an irritating flashing blue when it fully charged. So if like me, you leave your phone mounted in it, you have to pull the plug to stop the annoying flashing. Charging wise, it's great, but I don't like the 'upgrades' to my old style
Wireless QI charger
I love the wireless charger, it works great, holds the phone perfectly and chargers at the same time. However the cord it comes with is extremely short
Very good
Got this my mum this for Xmas and she loved it works really well and worth it’s money
High hooes
First off, it was great worked without a problem, unlike some reviewers mine didnt fall off in fact it is the most solid device holder I have owned sadly after 8 months it just stopped charging, have tried different adapters and miniscule movements of the phone in the charger all to no avail, so regrettably I would advise to avoid
Great Phone Holder
I haven't used the wireless charging part of the phone holder, but the holder holds even a heavy phone like the S8 with a cover perfectly still.
Great when working
Had high hopes. Stylish, practical, sturdy but stopped charging only after a week of owning it.
Charging car holder
Thank you for my car holder
Not good with a big phone for dash mounting but ok on the screen
As a windscreen mount this is great, however as for sticking to the dash not so.

I bought for use with my note 9 in an otterbox defender case, and this mount stays fixed on the dash for less than 3 seconds in a stationary car!

Hence the 3 stars its half good.
Works except....
It keeps falling off, especially on a hot sunny day. Charging works well through a plastic case and the grip on the phone is sufficient. But the angle f the arm means the holder is top heavy and the suction is not sufficient.
Solid feel and build. Hold phone firmly whilst charging.
Very happy about my purchase.
Great item.
Love this product.
Great wireless charger & compact car mount. So.much easier than trying to get a plug connected into phone.
Worked for a while
Worked at first but now just gets hot and fails to charge phone - avoid.
**** Very Good.
Would Recommend For Android Dash Cams
I’m very happy with the charger.
Decent but doesn’t charge iPhones
Well made and solid construction. Grips the top of the dash securely. Flexible positioning. Doesn’t charge my iPhone unfortunately, tried various configurations but couldn’t get it to charge so have ended up using a right angled charging cable. May work better with other phones.
MobileFun Reply

The iPhone 6S doesn't support wireless charging out of the box, however we do have Lightning to wireless adapters to solve this issue. Please contact our Customer Services department so we can assist further.
.does what its surpose to
.Yes works fine
Poor product
Just plugging the cable in is an issue. The wireless charging is random and keeps cutting out Buy a decent product instead.
Good wireless charger but keeps pausing
This was first of 2 wireless chargers I bought from Mobile fun as the samsung wireless car charger I had didn't like to charge my Samsung galaxy note 8. So I bought this charger
For 2 reasons . I liked the look of it . Simple but nice design and price.
Got the charger .easy to setup .

My only negative is
It keeps loosing connection .says charging then 2 seconds later says charging paused then charging again then passed .keeps doing this while driving only but when stationary.
Only way around this . I had to move phone on charger up or down a little till I found a spot where it would just keep charging. Can be frustrating till such time you figure out where the spot position on charger it ok and won't pause while charging
Either the coil in the charger is small or very weak as my note 8 works perfect with house and office chargers
If this charger had adjustable legs like in i0ttie wireless charger then this would solve this problem as you could adjust it to position where it would charge without loosing charging connection .

I would like to recommend it but can't recommend it on quality and design when it would frustrate you to get charge position which could easy be made more easy to find with a adjuster at bottom to hold in position.
Like the quality and finish but you need patients and cool head to use .if they improve on design then only then is it worth getting
The i0ttie wireless charger is way better to use and easy with one touch feature
My 2 cents
It is very good but with one draw back
It would be better if they was a mechanism to spread the holders. Spreading both sides at the same time and placing the phone in between them is very awkward. Otherwise works well.
Just OK. Didn't stick to much of my Dash
I brought this product to stick on my dash rather than my windscreen. It would not stick to most of the surface area due to the texture so the old place I could stick it to is not at a very good angle for viewing. Charger keeps losing connection to the phone is constantly beeping on and off charge. When connected ot does charge quickly and I expect if I had wanted it for the windscreen I would not have had the angle and sticking issue.
Wireless Charging - seems like a myth to me!?
I dont want to be too critical because I have read lots of items saying its Samsungs problem. The facts are; I hate all those wires and plugging in getting into the car so this seemed the ideal solution. Problem is, its a bugger to get your phone in the cradle - 2 hands definitely required. When I locate my Note 8 it lights up and reports, "Wireless Charging"! Hoorar.... 10secs later, lights up.... "Wireless Charging Paused"... 10secs later, lights up.... And does this for the whole 1.5hr journey and doesnt charge the phone! Sorry if its my phone but, thems the facts.

Very good mount
Fits nicely to the windscreen and holds S9+ well with only a little movement. Wireless charger works through my Zizo tough case ok. Need 2 hands though to insert phone.
Universal Qi holder
Got the universal one as was not too sure where exactly the Qi module is located on my fevice. Nice design, adjustment range is great. Holds firmly to the windscreen so and the phone. Comes with the usb cable. Everything as I wanted, fully recommended!
Nice and simple
Nice not imposing phone holder. Love that it’s wireless.
fantastic item
great item used everyday
Really good. Easy to fit . Only problem is that if the heating on high then it tends to get too hot and stops charging otherwise it's excellent
Doesn't even charge!!! Set off on a 15 minute journey with 20%, got there with 15%!!!

Do not waste your money this is terrible
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear you have an issue with the charger, Could you email our Customer Service team so they are able to resolve this for you?
Does what is says on the box
Used it in my Kadjar and it fits great down near the subs and it is solid and holds the S8 with no problem. Very happy with it and charges the S8 fast.
Good quality sticks to the screen very well . And works much better than expected . Over all very pleased

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