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Type S Car Magnetic Emergency Spotlight - Charcoal Grey Reviews

With this car magnetic spotlight from Type S, you can illuminate your vehicle's engine or bodywork to check for any faults, top up fluids or view any damage in the dark. Comes complete with a 3m cable for maximum reach.
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$21.49 inc 10% GST
 3.5 stars from 14 customers

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May be useful if they work.
They look very handy for use in an emergency, and probably would be if they worked, but neither of mine did. I had to strip both down to repair the faults and found the plastic to be extremely brittle, so would be very prone to breakage in use especially if kept in the glove compartment or boot.
not any metallic surface
like all magnets - it it only sticks to surfaces made of ferrous (i.e. magnetic material) metals.
not at all happy with this product
This item is not worth the money at all,very poor quality,the light it gives off is dismal so not helping at all in dark situations.I would not recommend this item.
Very useful
I purchased this as a present for my brother. He was delighted with it, saying that he would find it useful. He especially loved that it was magnetic and would stick to the car leaving both hands free.
For the man who has everything!
Good quality great product
All about the light & what it does
Good quality product
Excellent service
rubbish description
that it only works on ferrous metals would be an important note to add. Please ,remove the refernce to ,any metal surface, !!!
does NOT 'attach to any metal surface'
Magnets only attach to magnetic metal surfaces (i.e. ferrous metals !!) - many car bonnets are now aluminium !
It's OK, I guess
The magnetic light is alright, however the light output from the bulb is disappointing -- I expected it to be much brighter.
very good
the problem was that the connector is too big for fitting my renault scenic socket.
This is a great little gadget ideal for vans or cars well worth the money would recommend this.
Good little light.
Down side is to watch that the power plug works. My needed to be slackened off slightly to fit socket properly.
Otherwise great little light, far better than some that only shine, this one illumates.
already packed in my Campervan
already pack away in my Campervan. I am sure it will be helpful thank you what a great product

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