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VRS Design High Pro Shield Series LG G5 Case - Steel Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your LG G5 with this precisely designed high pro shield series case in steel silver from VRS Design. Made with tough dual-layered yet slim material, this hardshell body with a sleek bumper features an attractive two-tone finish.
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 4.6 stars from 5 customers

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Simple & Affordable
Comfortable in the hand and provides more grip than an un-cased G5, but not so tacky that it won't easily slide in and out of your pocket. It does add a bit of width that makes one-thumbed swype-typing a bit ungainly for my wee hands, but I think that would be the case with any phone. The raised front edge means the screen isn't in contact when placed face down. buttons and headphone jack remain accessible & cutaways for mic and speaker are great. Bevelled edge on fingerprint sensor on rear is an excellent thoughtful design. One minor flaw is the volume buttons are bit overly sensitive.
Neat, tidy and effective.
The case for my phone is slick, neat and unique. It has a nice feel when used. It compliments the phone and visa versa.
Great protection, the handling could be better
First of all this cover provides great protection. The back looks pretty luxurious but the front looks a bit too massive (but very protective).
From the users point of view there are two things that could have been done better:
1) the volume buttons don´t stick out so they´re a bit hard to find by touch ...on the other hand you don´t need to find them anaway - pressing any nearby area close to the volume buttons is enough for initiating the phone´s volume buttons (but sometimes it can be annoying when you just want to pick up your phone and the unwanted double press of the rim can initiate the phone´s "volume down" button and thus start the camera)

2) it´s a bit slippery with its´ plastic silver rim - but fortunately the rim is detachable. After removing it you´re left with some little edges on your rubber case which are indeed great for picking up the phone.

I also think the phone (titan colour) looks better in this cover without the silver rim - just matte black rubber case...probably a silver G5 would look better in this case with the silver rim on ... But as I said if you remove the silver rim tha matte rubber cover fits any colour, looks a little smaller and the grip is great.

Anyway your phone is perfectly protected with this case - the soft high quality rubber will damp any possible drop.
Sleek and lovely
This phone case is marvelous.

It feel perfect, fits perfect, looks even better.

Yet again happy with my purchase. Thank you Mobile Fun.

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